'The Walking Dead': Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says His Son Fainted After Becoming A Zombie

If there’s one thing Jeffrey Dean Morgan is used to, it is zombies. The actor is one of the [...]

If there's one thing Jeffrey Dean Morgan is used to, it is zombies. The actor is one of the stars of The Walking Dead, and Morgan has taken out his fair share of walkers but his son is a different story.

After all, Morgan did tell People recently his son fainted when he got all done up in zombie makeup.

Over on Facebook, People shared an interview it did with Morgan for its Sexiest Men Alive special. The actor was included in its list of sexiest fathers, and Morgan told the magazine how much he adores his son... even if the kid doesn't like gory makeup.

"I just think that being a dad has been the greatest gift that I've ever had in my life, and I'm very away that I just want him to have the best life possible," the actor started.

"I mean everything can be a great moment as a dad, especially when I'm gone as much as I am," he continued. "I work a lot, man, those weekends at home with him are the greatest. I took him on a zombie cruise last year which was fun."

Morgan went on to describe the gruesome trip, and the actor said his son got in over his head when he asked to be turned into a zombie.

"All he wanted to do was get zombie makeup put on. So, he did and he looked in the mirror at the reflection and he fainted. We probably won't do realistic zombie makeup again for a little while. But it was a heck of an experience and we still giggle about it, you know?"

At 7-years-old, Morgan's son is braver than most kids his age since he even tried to mimic the undead. He may be the son of a fictional zombie slayer, but it seems the boy will leave any sharp-shooting to Morgan should any walkers rise up.