The Walking Dead: Khary Payton On Ezekiel And Carol's Relationship

Love is brewing on The Walking Dead, and it looks like Carol will finally get the relationship so many fans have been begging for. It never worked out with Daryl, but Ezekiel is coming to the rescue and attempting to sweep Carol off her feet.

In this week's episode, audiences were introduced to King Ezekiel and his people. The guy has squires, a throne, a pet tiger, and everything else a post-apocalyptic king would need. He is immediately smitten by Carol's defiance and begins laying it on a little thick.

His attempts at flirtation seem a little futile, even childish, until he meets Carol in a garden at the end of the episode. Ezekiel proceeds to be brutally honest with Carol about his life since the infection began. In this moment, The King was completely transparent, and it seemed that Carol noticed.

ezekiel carol
(Photo: AMC)

The story of Ezekiel and Carol's relationship seems to be following that of Ezekiel and Michonne's from the comics. Michonne started as the hardened skeptic, but eventually fell for the dignified pursuit of The King.

In an exclusive interview with's Walking Dead Insider Brandon Davis, Khary Payton commented on the direction of Ezekiel's relationship with Carol. The actor, who portrays Ezekiel on the show, had this to say about whether or not something will flourish between the two.

"I think maybe, probably, you never know. Might be... yes, not, probably not....maybe no?"

Indecisive, right? It can be frustrating not to get a real answer out of someone, but Khary went on to explain that he didn't want to lose his job. He also wants fans to experience the show for themselves, not have it spoiled by his words.

"I like my job and I'm gonna keep it. I'm not gonna tell you!" Khary laughs at his joke. "You wanna enjoy the episodes as they roll right?"


Yes Khary, we do. The Walking Dead is much more fun when you don't have it spoiled for you, so why not keep it that way?

All that being said, Carol and Ezekiel are most likely headed for a relationship, based on what was seen in this episode. The characters probably won't be seen again until the fifth episode of the season, so there may be time for their love to blossom.