The Walking Dead Hid a Devastating Season 4 Easter Egg

The Walking Dead has been calling on some of its long running history lately, including a devastating Easter egg which only the biggest of fans were able to catch in Sunday night's Episode 10x14. Not only was the episode's title a reference to Episode 4x14 where Carol told Lizzie to "Look at the flowers," when she had no option other than killing the little girl who had recently killed her own sister but there was dialogue calling back to the episode, as well. When the ghost of Alpha was mocking Carol and representing her inner monologue, she showed just how deeply Carol's memory of Lizzie goes.

"I'm sorry you're mad at me," Alpha said. "Please don't be mad, I'm sorry!" It was a mockery of how Carol would possibly apologize to the people in Alexandria for acting recklessly and possibly getting Magna and Connie killed. However, the same words were used by Lizzie in the episode from six years ago when Lizzie pleaded with Carol after Lizzie killed her little sister Mika. Ultimately, this lead to the episode title of "Look At The Flowers," when Carol walked Lizzie away from the cabin and killed her as Tyreese looked on.

A fan spotted the moment and shared side by side images of the dialogue from Episode 4x14, The Grove, and Episode 10x14, Look At The Flowers. See it for yourself in the Reddit post embedded below.

4.14 & 10.14, Carol callback from r/thewalkingdead

Ultimately, Carol found the strength to free herself of the demons which have been following her and literally break free of the debris which was holding her down and threatening her life. "I think it pretty much sums up her journey so far, that in a way it's never too late to do a lot of things," Carol actress Melissa McBride told "Even in that last line she says it's never too late. It's not too late to save yourself. It's not too late to face what you need to face. It's never too late to ask for forgiveness. It's never too late to find understanding and it's never too late to save your life.

"I think in that moment where she was faced with life or death, she did what she had to do. She's done it before. It's going to hurt, but we have to do it. She dislocated her shoulder to get out from underneath that pile, and saved herself."

Read the full interview with McBride here!


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The Walking Dead's Season 10 finale airs Sunday at 9pm ET on AMC.