'The Walking Dead': Maggie Will "Continue Down This Path of Vengeance"

The winding road that Maggie Rhee has traveled in The Walking Dead seems to have one straightaway [...]

The winding road that Maggie Rhee has traveled in The Walking Dead seems to have one straightaway left to gain speed on as Lauren Cohan believes that her character still has rage coursing through her veins.

Establishing herself as the unquestioned leader of The Hilltop -- and sending a message that she has turned a corner in that role by killing a Savior -- there is still the anger and hate towards Negan lingering from killing Glenn, her husband and father to an unborn child.

Cohan told EW.com that she expects that fire to be stoked in the second half of season 8.

"(Maggie) continues down this path of vengeance after Negan that I feel like the audience is on," she said. "I really feel like Maggie gets to vocalize the anger towards that enemy in this, and it gets very much more specific as we go on."

Maggie, who has been one of The Walking Dead's most prominent survivors since her debut on the show in season 2, has evolved from farmer's daughter to a take-no-shit commander that even Rick Grimes has said he would follow.

In the last time she was shown on screen, Maggie had led the Hilltop forces -- and teamed with the military forces of the Kingdom -- to help rescue the Alexandria community after it had been overtaken by a partnership between the Savior army and the Scavengers.

She executed a Savior and returned him to the compound to send a message.

A message that Cohan said that she was unaware her character was initially capable of sending.

"That definitely, in some strokes, came as a surprise to me because we had this sort of subdued seeming feeling for her, and it was like, wow, is it really going to be okay? Am I recovering? Am I becoming just this leader who can handle all this and put the past behind her?," Cohan said. "Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and that's life, I guess."

The transition from her being a demure farmer's daughter to certified force to be reckoned with has been slowly developing, but also plainly obvious.

It was punctuated during season 8.

"After this," Rick told Maggie in the season 8 premiere, "I'm following you."

Where she will lead the group is still to be determined, but if Cohan is to be believed there will be a confrontation with Negan in the future. One that she thinks her character is now better equipped to handle.