'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Planning Maggie's Return For Season 10

Angela Kang is planning on bringing Maggie back to The Walking Dead in Season 10.

In fact, the showrunner is so confident in Lauren Cohan returning to her role, that she is not planning a narrative for Season 10 of the zombie drama with her.

"We will hopefully come back to Maggie's story in Season 10," Kang told ComicBook.com on Tuesday. "Lauren and I have been texting about some things, and we're hopefully gonna schedule a conversation, but Georgie's group is definitely out there in world doing some stuff, and I have some notion of what they're up to. They may also be part of the universe in general. That's really up to Scott, but we'll see how it all plays out."

In fact, much of the expanded universe keeps Kang in the loop, but may expand far beyond The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead sooner than later -- something Kang has to keep in mind. "[Scott Gimple] sort of checks in with all of the parts of the universe and is kind of making sure that things don't conflict with each other, or that there are things that kind of lead into things," Kang said. "For example, for us, he kind of came last year and said, 'So, I gotta write out Rick and the thing that needs to happen for the universe is he needs to be taken off in a helicopter by one of the helicopters that we've seen in the show."

Kang couldn't reveal the layout behind planning for Maggie's exit but the extended world of the Dead universe could be a factor. "In our minds there's a lot of things going on in the world around our characters and the way that it intersects with our story," she said. "That's part of what we're talking about currently."


Though it is not quite official that Cohan will be back on AMC on Sunday nights with Season 10, Kang is so confident in the return that she's not exactly coming up with a contingency plan for a scenario where she doesn't. "It's funny, on the show we often do that just no matter what the circumstances are," Kang said. "We often go down multiple paths before we kind of decide on something, but I'm operating off of the idea that hopefully we'll get Lauren back. We've certainly been talking about it, so we'll see, but yeah."

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