Michael Cudlitz Wraps His Second Walking Dead Episode of Season 10

We may never see Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead again in the future but actor Michael Cudlitz is [...]

We may never see Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead again in the future but actor Michael Cudlitz is still very much a part of the show's extended family. The actor frequently appears at conventions alongside his former co-stars and, in addition, he's becoming a fairly regular director behind the scenes of AMC's popular series. Having already directed The Walking Dead in the past, Cudlitz returned to the chair for two more episodes in the upcoming tenth season of the series.

On Thursday morning, Cudlitz took to Twitter to let fans know that he had completed his time on the duo of episodes, at least for the most part. It sounds like there is some challenging work ahead, as a specialist is being brought in to help with some pick up shots in the future.

"That's a wrap on my second [Walking Dead] episode of the season ...... sorta," Cudlitz wrote in the tweet. "got a couple of fun shots to pick up next week. Gonna be a first for me........ Actually had to hire a specialist."

It's not clear what those pick up shots could be for, but they're likely something with either heavy hand-to-hand combat sequences or heavy special effects pieces. Either way, Cudlitz seems eager to add a new set of skills to his growing repertoire as a director.

While Cudlitz seems to be focusing on his work behind the camera for The Walking Dead, he hasn't remotely given up on the idea of playing Abraham again in the future. The character died on-screen at the beginning of Season 7, but Cudlitz has talked at-length about the numerous possibilities of flashbacks allowing Abraham to return.

"The show has sort of laid out in its history is through flashbacks and origin stories There's still characters on the show that were very close with Abraham that he had history with," Cudlitz said on Strahan and Sara. "We could very easily go back."

"They're also doing other movies that are gonna move in time, go back in time, go forward in time, and I believe pair up characters that weren't necessarily paired up in the graphic novels," Cudlitz added. "A strong, subtle yes. Very, very possible."

Are you looking forward to The Walking Dead's return? Would you like to see Abraham again in the future? Let us know in the comments!

The Walking Dead returns for its 10th season on Sunday, October 6th.