'The Walking Dead' Editor Says Michael Jordan Would Be Ultimate Villain

The Walking Dead's villains would pale in comparison to the most competitive basketball player in [...]

The Walking Dead's villains would pale in comparison to the most competitive basketball player in the world according to editor Sean Mackiewicz.

In the Letter Hacks section of the most recent issue of The Walking Dead, a fan was curious if professional athletes like Michael Jordan exist in this world or could ever appear. It was a though prompted by now-dead character Beta having been a professional basketball player before the world fell apart. As it turns out, Beta certainly was not Michael Jordan as Mackiewicz claims he would be far more dangerous.

"As one of the biggest NBA fans in the office, I love this letter," Mackiewicz said. "Not because you're remotely right... no, no, no. First of all, MJ would never accept a subservient position like Beta... He is a bald-headed Alpha through and through. Of all the athletes in the world, he is the #1 candidate to rule with an iron fist. He is the most INSANE competitor in the history of sports. There is no challenge he's ever backed down from, nothing he won't gamble on, and he once sported a Hitler mustache in a Hanes commercial! He had NO qualms about adopting the defining look of THE MOST EVIL F---ER of the 20th CENTURY for a NATIONALLY televised commercial! There's a ZERO chance he decided to become some benevolent ruler somewhere in North Carolina. He rocked a Hitler mustache! Mj's coming for you, Rick! MJ's COMING!!!!!!!!"

The Walking Dead writer and creator Robert Kirkman chimed in in support of Mackiewicz new storyline. "Now THERE's a new direction I could get behind," Kirkman said. "Would people complain if Michael Jordan was the next villain in this book? That'd be amazing, right?!"

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