'The Walking Dead': Did Morgan Meet The Whisperers Years Ago?

The Walking Dead fans are starting to believe the Whisperers were teased years ago in a Season Three episode.

The fan theory started after Daryl Dixon unmasked a Whisperer in the conclusion of Sunday's Episode 9x08. In the final moments of 2018's last episode of The Walking Dead, it was revealed that human survivors were wearing faces which once belonged to walkers. Covering themselves in walker skin and flesh and keeping their voices to a whisper allows them to blend in with the dead.

Going back to Season Three, Morgan's first reunion with Rick Grimes came at a time where Morgan Jones was thought to be hallucinating. While acting quite crazy, he told Rick he saw "people wearing dead people's faces."

At the time, the Whisperers were years away from arriving on The Walking Dead TV series and were also years away from being a factor in Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics. For this reason, it appears that Morgan was not talking about the Whisperers but it is, instead, a coincidence.

"That definitely predated my knowledge of the Whisperers, because they were not at all in the book yet," The Walking Dead's chief content officer Scott Gimple told Comicbook.com in 2016. "Maybe that could wind up being a reference." At the time of Gimple's statement, Lennie James and his Morgan Jones character were still a part of The Walking Dead. Having now crossed over into Fear the Walking Dead, the only character who was a part of these conversations with Morgan from Season Three is Michonne. It seems highly unlikely she would suddenly remember Morgan's claims and, if she did, it wouldn't serve much a purpose to the story.


Whether or not the Whisperers become a factor on Fear the Walking Dead is unknown but it would be a possible place to tell their origin story, seeing as The Walking Dead is now taking place about seven years ahead of its sibling series.

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