'The Walking Dead' Shows All With Naked Zombie

The Walking Dead let it all hang out on Sunday night with a naked walker stumbling through the woods.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x12 follow. Major spoilers!

Daryl and Connie's search for Henry and the Whisperers in Episode 9x12 included a surprising encounter: a naked walker. In fact, this is the second time The Walking Dead has featured a naked walker. The previous walker was charred and burnt in a previous season, leaving its gender ambiguous for viewers. This time around, it appears the show has elected to go with a female walker, stumbling through the woods topless.

See for yourself in the screenshot from The Walking Dead Episode 9x12 below.

(Photo: AMC)

That's right, The Walking Dead really just whipped everything out with this topless walker in the woods. It was not ruled as inappropriate for television, so here we are with the TV series nominated for a Kids' Choice Award featuring naked dead people walking dead around.

Take another look in the next screenshot below.

(Photo: AMC)

The last time the AMC series featured a naked zombie, executive producer and visual effects genius Greg Nicotero revealed that it intentionally kept the sex of the zombie ambiguous. "Because there's some bite marks strategically placed," Nicotero said on Talking Dead, but he added that it's clear "this person died very painfully."

What do you think this person-turned-naked-walker was doing when the world fell apart? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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