The Walking Dead Just Set Up Alpha's Death

Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead may have put the writing on the wall for Whisperer leader Alpha. The villain of the AMC series who debuted in the back half of Season 9 might not have a lot of time left as the Whisperer War story gets closer. However, the war will not be what takes Alpha from the land of the living. Instead, a former villain might be responsible for Alpha's death if the AMC TV series is going to follow the story laid out in Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics -- and Episode 10x06 set the stage for such a scenario.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 10x06 follow. Major spoilers!

Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead seemed to be an adaptation of the comic's issue #156. In that issue, Negan joins the Whisperers and goes through training with them over the course of a couple of days. Key moments such as killing a boar were directly adapted to the TV series. However, Negan also had his eyes on Alpha as he moved throughout Episode 10x06, just as he did in the comics.

While Episode 10x06 ended with Negan pledging his allegiance to Alpha and the Whisperers, he might actually have something else up his sleeve. In the comics, Negan gets a moment alone with Alpha and uses it to cut her head off. Negan then goes on to bring her severed head back to Alexandria and hands it over to Rick Grimes. The move ultimately sets ablaze among the emotions of the Whisperers and launches the Whisperer War story into full swing -- as Beta takes the lead (but not the "Alpha" mantle) and instructs his group to kill everyone in Alexandria.

Whether or not the TV series will follow this story remains to be seen. Showrunner Angela Kang has been quite loyal to the source material during her tenure at the helm, aside from the inevitable changes such as not having a Carl Grimes to play with, Andrew Lincoln exiting his Rick Grimes role, and Danai Gurira bowing out later this year. Given the tension built between Carol and Alpha, it seems there might be some deviation coming up if the show wants to service its fans and allow Carol to get revenge for her son Henry who was killed by the Whisperers in the tail end of Season 9.


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