‘The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Reveals the Latest Evil Prank He Pulled on Andrew Lincoln

Norman Reedus once convinced his good buddy and former Walking Dead co-star Andrew Lincoln he was [...]

Norman Reedus once convinced his good buddy and former Walking Dead co-star Andrew Lincoln he was uninterested in having the Rick Grimes actor appear on Ride With Norman Reedus.

"It's great to get Andy out there. You know, it's funny because his father-in-law is Ian Anderson, from Jethro Tull. I emailed Ian and I was like, 'Hey, man. I'd love to have you on Ride this year.' We were talking about it and he was game," Reedus told EW.

"Andy comes to set the next day and he goes, 'Oh, so I heard you were talking to Ian about being on Ride.' I'm like, 'Yeah, I can't wait.' He goes, 'Well, do you want me on the episode?' I'm like, 'No, man. I just want Ian.'

"He was kind of a little bothered, but I played it out for about a week where I was like, 'No, dude. We're good. No, I just want Ian.' He's kind of, 'But don't you want me?' I'm, 'No, no. I just want Ian.' I played it off for a long time, and then I'm like, 'Of course I want you!'

"That was a lot of fun, that episode. We got Andy on a motorcycle finally, and I think he rode the motorcycle in second gear the entire time. [Laughs] The look on Ian's face while that was happening was kind of priceless."

Reedus and Lincoln have long been embroiled in a back-and-forth of prank one-upmanship: Lincoln once terrified Reedus with a legless zombie, wrapped his car in toilet paper, and set Reedus' motorcycle adrift in a zombie-filled lake with a sex doll as its pilot.

The Daryl Dixon star retaliated by concealing a glitter bomb within Lincoln's vehicle air conditioning and once roped the Rick Grimes star into asking an embarrassing question in front of Japanese reporters.

Other guests down the road this third season include Marilyn Manson and Reedus' Walking Dead buddies Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Melissa McBride, Steven Yeun and Austin Amelio.

"It's fantastic," Reedus said of traveling alongside past and present co-stars. "You know, Jeffrey's always been a motorcycle buddy of mine. He's always fun."

Ride With Norman Reedus debuts its third season Sunday on AMC, trailing the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead Season Nine and live aftershow Talking Dead.


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