The Walking Dead Opening Credits Teased Major Season 7 Events

While the rise of Negan on The Walking Dead this season has brought about change in Rick, it has [...]

While the rise of Negan on The Walking Dead this season has brought about change in Rick, it has also signaled another major motion in this universe. This topic may have been slowly seeping into the show's narrative since season three, but Negan's arrival solidifies what many have been waiting for.

Zombies are no longer a threat.

The Walking Dead title card
(Photo: AMC)

Once The Governor burst onto the scene, it was evident that the living were a much bigger threat to survival. Still, the survivors had to be incredibly careful around walkers. Now, however, the concept has come full circle.

In season six, walkers took over Alexandria, killing a large group of people. Since then, the zombies haven't taken anyone's life.

The Walking Dead's opening credits have been hammering home this point all season, but most fans haven't noticed the slight change.

At the end of the credits, The Walking Dead title appears -- it's something everyone is used to by now. However, it appears much differently in the season seven episodes than it has in the past.

The words used to pop onto the screen in reverse order, with "Dead" coming up before "Walking". This hammered home the point that the dead people were still walking the Earth, and that this was the biggest threat of the show.

This season, the words appear simultaneously. Instead of driving home the point that the dead are walking, the title simply appears.

This is because people aren't afraid of the walkers anymore. Instead of a threat, they are an inconvenience. The only time the walkers are truly dangerous, is when they're used as a weapon. The comic storyline reflects this, as Negan uses these tactics against Rick and the others.

This concept also comes into play in a major way when the Whisperers appear. Just when the world stops thinking about walkers, these terrifying people catch them off guard.

It may be a slight change to the opening credits, but it's a significant detail for The Walking Dead universe going forward.

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