The Walking Dead: Devastating Image Shows How Few Original Characters Remain

The Walking Dead has very few characters surviving from its earliest seasons. Through strong deviations from the comic book source material and unexpected twists involving the treachery of the zombie apocalypse, the AMC series has lost many beloved characters in its ten seasons to date. In fact, a new image that is making the rounds on social media demonstrates just how few characters from the show's first season are still on the show, rounding them all up on Hershel's farm and putting the characters who have died in black and white while those living remain in color.

The characters introduced on Hershel's farm in the second season are not in the photograph as it is only those who were introduced in and survived the first season, minus Morgan Jones and Morales' family. Morales ultimately head out to Birmingham in search of his family but ended up losing his wife and kids on his path to becoming a Savior under Negan's command. Eventually, Daryl killed him. Meanwhile, Morgan is now on Fear the Walking Dead but we're not sure if he is still alive. As for those in the photo, only Rick, Carol, and Daryl are still alive on the show, while Maggie is also alive from Season 2 but not photographed here.

Check out the photo which puts the many The Walking Dead deaths into devastating perspective...

Lori, Carl, Shane, Sophia, T-Dog, and so many others could not survive the zombie apocalypse. Many of the former cast members have gone on to have impressive careers, though. Some have also come back to series for brief appearances, such as Jon Bernthal's role in Andrew Lincoln's final episode in Season 9. Bernthal's Shane died in Season 2 and made a cameo in the third season during a blink-and-you'll-miss-it hallucination before having a full conversation with Lincoln's Rick as death knocked at his door.

Of course, the most shocking death out of all seen above was Carl Grimes. The character survived The Walking Dead comics through their ending but was abruptly killed off in the show's eighth season.


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The Walking Dead returns for the back half of its tenth season on February 23.