'The Walking Dead' Parodies Eminem's Killshot

Negan takes aim at Rick Grimes in "Rick Shot," a parody of rapper Eminem's just-released 'Killshot' track.

The official Twitter account for The Walking Dead shared the parody album cover shortly after Eminem dropped his latest diss track, aimed at rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Eminem dissed Kelly on 'Not Alike' — off Em's latest album Kamikaze — after Kelly published an inappropriate tweet in 2012 about Eminem's daughter, popular Instagram model Hailie Scott. The comment, made when Scott was 16, preceded Kelly publicly accusing Eminem of blackballing his career.

Kelly, in 'Rap Devil' — his own diss track aimed at Eminem, putting a spin on Em's 'Rap God' — says the 45-year-old rapper aged out and is out of touch.

In 'Killshot,' Eminem addresses Kelly, telling him "I'm 45 and I'm still outselling you," and asking him, "how you gonna name yourself after a damn gun and have a man bun?"

The beef between Alexandrian leader Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and jailed former Savior leader Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) won't be squashed come The Walking Dead Season Nine: 18 months of solitary confinement and counting will bring out different emotional shades of Negan, who has infrequent sit-downs with visitors to his cell.

"When a war ends — and then you have people who are soldiers in the war, generals — what happens when there's no real transition?" showrunner Angela Kang said said of Rick and Negan's new status quo on Talking Dead.


"I think in a lot of ways, Rick goes down there and it's part therapy and part gloating. They're just trying to work their way through it. They both feel in some ways like dinosaurs after the war. As Rick is trying to figure out what's the next step, what's the next mission, Negan kind of needles him, but Rick needs to be able to justify, 'This is why I kept you alive, it's so that we can have a future.'"

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 7.