The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Sing Me A Song

Michonne is walking down the road and approaches the pile of burnt mattresses. She is whistling a [...]

Michonne is walking down the road and approaches the pile of burnt mattresses. She is whistling a tune on the empty road ans two walkers come after her. She casually kills them both. She sits her bag down, and a radio is inside. Immediately after, she picks up a walker and drags him into the woods, leaving a trail of blood and her bag behind.

Rick and Aaron wake up in a trailer, and Rick turns his radio on. Silence. When Aaron opens the trailer door, he says he didn't see "that" last night. They both look into the distance.

Two Saviors are sitting in a truck and talking about their weapons inventory. As they leave, we see Carl and Jesus appear from behind boxes inside the truck. Jesus begins exploring the boxes as the truck is moving. After noticing a statue, he begins to leave a trail of maple syrup out of the back of the truck. Jesus thinks they should bail out of the truck now, so they can scope it out from the distance. Carl hesitates.

Jesus jumps out of the truck and looks back. Carl waves at him and stays in the truck. He grabs a machine gun and begins to load it. Negan can be heard outside talking to the men.

Carl is hiding inside and the men start unloading. Carl begins to open fire on the men. Carl comes out of the truck with the gun raised and says he only wants Negan.

Negan appears and says, "you are adorable." He says Carl scares him, and Dwight tackles carl to the ground. Daryl can be seen watching from a distance and Negan asks to help Carl up. He calls the boy his guest, and says he's going to show him around. The full zombie fence of sanctuary can be see, and the massive building is unveiled behind it.


Negan is trying to help Carl up but he's being stubborn. Negan says he has the same stink-eye as Rick, and tells him he needs to follow him. Negan starts talking to Daryl, threatening him. As he reaches back for Carl, he helps him up. As they start to go inside, Carl asks what Negan will do to him.

Negan tells him not to be scared of anything because it's disappointing. He tells Carl it will be a surprise and leads him inside.

As they enter the Sanctuary, Negan whispers, 'Check this out'. Negan approaches a ledge and all the people below kneel. He says they got some great stuff on the run, and everyone gets fresh vegetables at dinner -- no points needed. He tells Carl that they all respect him, and Carl is definitely impressed.

Rosita and Eugene are walking out of Alexandria and Rosita says they aren't going to find anything for Negan. Spencer approaches and tells her she's wrong for fighting this, but she won't back down. Spencer says this all Rick's fault, and Rosita puts him back in his place. She then walks out of the gate.

Back at Sanctuary, Negan takes Carl into a room full of well-dressed women and he encourages the boy to take a look at his wives. Negan walks away with Sherry and pours a drink. Negan asks what happened between Amber and Mark, and Sherry said it's none of his business. Negan says that Mark skipped duties to be with Amber, and he needs to know if it's true. When Sherry says to take it easy on Amber, Negan says he would never hurt one of them.

Negan walks across the room and puts a beer in Carl's hand. He then walks over to talk to Amber. He tells her he doesn't want anyone to be there that doesn't want to be. She can leave, but he says she can't cheat on him. He asks if she wants to go back to Mark and working for points, but she says she wants to stay. He asks Amber if she knows what that means, and she says yes.

Negan walks over and asks Sherry to get Carson for him. He kisses her before letting her leave. As they kiss, Dwight and Daryl enter. Daryl and Carl share a look and Dwight looks at Sherry. Negan takes some food from the plate that Daryl is holding. Negan asked Carl to take the tray from Daryl, and Daryl speaks. Negan fires back at him, and tells Dwight to fire up the furnace. he takes Carl with him and leaves. Sherry begns to cry as everyone exits.

Rick and Aaron approach a gate and hop over it. The sign on the gate said that only trouble was beyond it.


Spencer and Gabriel are driving down a road and talking. Gabriel says, "Thoughts are just thoughts. Actions are what matter in the end." Spencer responds that he hates Rick, and he is a bad leader. Gabriel says he's not perfect but he's a man that finds his way. He says the deaths weren't Rick's fault, despite what Spencer says. He says Rick helps them look to the future, and Spencer says there's no future with Rick in charge. He says he hopes Rick doesn't make it back and Gabriel tells him to stop the car. Gabriel is the second person in the episode to put Spencer in his place, then he exits the car to go home.

Spencer gets out of the car and looks around. He then takes off into the woods. He discovers a walker in a tree stand, strapped to a tree.

Negan and Carl enter a glamorous bedroom. Carl asks if all the women are Negan's wives and he says yes. "Why follow the same old rules?" Negan says he wants to get to know Carl better, and tells Carl he's smarter than he thinks. He thinks that Carl finding him was incredible, but he can't let it slide. Negan tells Carl to take off his eye bandage, it's his punishment for killing two of his men. After refusing once, Carl takes off his hat and bandage. Carl reveals his wound by moving his hair.

Negan says it's no wonder he covers it up, that it's "gross as hell." Carl begins to cry a bit, and Negan apologizes. He says it's easy to forget he's just a kid and that he was just screwing around.

Fat Joey enters the room carrying Lucille, saying Negan left her outside. Negan tells Carl never to cover up his eye, because no one will mess with him looking like that. He asks Joey if he treated Lucille like a lady, and he says yes. After making a joke, he kicks Fat Joey out. Negan tells Carl that that's how men mess with each other, and Rick should be teaching him that.

Negan asks Carl what he does for fun, and then asks him to sing a song. He says he wants something in return for Carl killing his men, and he wants Carl to sing a song. Carl can't think of anything, and Negan points Lucille at his head. Carl begins singing "You Are My Sunshine." Negan is swinging the bat in the background, and tells Carl not let him be a distraction.

When the song is finished, Negan says Lucille loves being sung to, almost as much as she loves bashing in brains. Negan asks Carl where his mother is, and Carl is silent. Negan asks if he saw it happen, and Carl says he shot her before she turned. He tells Carl to get up, and that the iron should be ready.

Dwight stares at an iron in the fire, and Negan enters the giant room. A man is in the middle of everyone, tied to a chair. Negan says that this will be hard to watch, but rules are necessary. He says they can't be Saviors without following rules, and there is always a cost for breaking them. If you break any rules, you get the iron. The camera stays on Dwight for a moment, and he hides his face.

As everyone rises to their feet, Negan approaches the man in the chair. Dwight gets the hot iron out of the fire and Negan takes it. He says sorry to Mark, but "it is what it is." Negan approaches the man in the chair and puts the iron to his face, everyone watches. The man passes out and Negan pulls the iron away, tearing skin off with it. He says Mark pissed himself, and tells Daryl to clean it up. Before Negan leaves, he tells the doctor to do his thing. He tells the crowd that everything is square, and Mark's face should be a reminder about the rules.

Negan takes Carl away, saying they need to figure out what to do with him.

In the woods, Spencer is trying to take down the tree stand that the walker is attached to. He get the bow from the man, but his body falls as well. Spencer takes everything from the man's pockets, including a handwritten note. A foreign language is written on it, and Spencer puts it in his pocket.

Rosita and Eugene enter the factory where he was planning to make bullets. He says he didn't want to come back, and that he won't make any. He says he's been thinking about it, and he doesn't want to endanger Rosita by helping her kill Negan. He says Abraham was right, and there are too many Saviors. Rosita says he needs to make her a bullet, for her and for Abraham. She says he is a weak coward and the only reason he's alive is because people feel sorry for him.

"For once, do something useful, and make me a bullet."

Eugene begins working on the ammo.

Sherry is in a stairwell, and Dwight comes to meet her. They share a cigarette just like they did before. Dwight tells her not to feel bad for selling Mark and Amber out, that she had to. Dwight claims he doesn't sleep at night anymore. She says the decision they made was for the both of them, but Dwight says she's only standing on other people's backs. Dwight says they aren't doing anything, and Sherry agrees before walking away.

Negan and Carl are sitting in his room, and Carl asks to put the bandage back on. Negan tells him he can't, and Carl wants to know why Negan hasn't killed him, Rick, or Daryl. Negan says Daryl is going to be a great soldier and Rick gets him great stuff. He says it's more fun and productive to break Carl instead of kill him.

Negan asks Carl what he should do with him. He can't let him go, so what should he do. Carl says Negan should jump out of the window so he doesn't have to kill him. Carl says Negan can't kill any of them, and that's why he hasn't.

Negan tells him they're going for a ride. As they get in the truck, Jesus is hiding on top. Daryl tells Negan he better not hurt Carl, and Negan has Dwight put him back in the cell. Negan says he's taking Carl home.

When the truck pulls away, Jesus is no longer on the roof.

Daryl is in his cell, and he hears something outside the door. A note is slid to him from the other side. It says, "Go Now." A match and a key were attached to the note.

A truck pulls up to a pile of Walkers in the road and a woman gets out. She draws her gun and examines them. Michonne comes out of nowhere with a sword to the woman's head. She asks the woman to drop the gun and her knife. Michonne orders the woman to take her to Negan. She puts a gun to the woman's head and gets in the truck. The woman slams on the brakes and a fight ensues. Michonne wins, and again asks the woman to take her to Negan.

Negan bangs Lucille on Olivia's door and enters with Carl behind him. Carl tells Olivia Enid is fine. He asks where Rick is, and Olivia says Rick will be gone for a couple of days. Negan makes fun of Olivia and she begins to cry. He says she doesn't have a sense of humor.

Negan turns back around, and asks her name. After she responds, Negan apologizes for being rude. He's going to be there a while, and he says it would be enjoyable to have sex with her while he waits for Rick. She slaps him in the face, and he says he's about 50% more into her now.

Negan says he's just going to wait for Rick, and that Olivia needs to make lemonade for him and Carl. He says to take her time and make it good. He then asks Carl to take him on the grand tour.

A compilation begins as Negan explores Carl's house with his shoes off. Negan enters Judith's room, and Negan picks her up. He laughs as he holds her.

Rick and Aaron appear out of the woods, and they come up on a trailer and a sign. The sign is from a man who lives on the property, and tells exactly what he's armed with. The bottom of the signs says that the only way to read that far without being shot, is if the man is already dead. Rick and Aaron go further, and they see a lake with a house boat in the middle. There are Walkers are all over the water.

Rosita examines a bullet, and she thanks Eugene. She says she's sorry, but Eugene claims she's lying. He says he'd like to go back to akward silence as they return home. Spencer pulls up behind them as they get close. He says he found food, and there is plenty in the car. He hands the note to Eugene, and says it was written in Latin. It was the details of the supply cache the man had hidden.

A Savior opens the gate, and the three notice that Negan is there.

Negan sits on the porch with Carl, and he holds Judith. He tells Carl he likes it there, and he might have to stay. He says maybe it is stupid to keep him and Rick alive. Maybe he should just kill them and settle into their house.

Negan kisses Judith.


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