Fan Creates Epic 'The Walking Dead' Season 9B Fan Poster

The Walking Dead's Season 9B key art has largely been centered around the Whisperers. The [...]

The Walking Dead's Season 9B key art has largely been centered around the Whisperers. The survivors from the Hilltop, Kingdom, and Alexandria communities have not been at the forefront of the banners for the second half of the current season. As a result, one fan took the individual character portraits which were released for Season 9B and other character moments and designs to create an epic The Walking Dead Season 9B poster.

Reddit user FreakishOrder shared their work online, putting the "good guys" of the AMC series at the forefront. Atop the poster is Judith in her grown-up form which arrived in the closing moments of Episode 9x05. Beneath Judith: Alden, Tara, Aaron, Enid, Gabriel, Daryl, Yumiko, Carol, Siddiq, Magna, Ezekiel, Michonne, Rosita, Connie, Luke, Kelly, Eugene, Henry, and Negan. It's some awesome art showcasing the characters fans are mostly rooting for at this point.

Check out The Walking Dead Season 9B fan poster below.

Season 9B tribute poster from r/thewalkingdead

The notably absent character is Jerry -- but the fans let FreakishOrder know they missed him in the comment section.

Go ahead and download that image and make it your new lock screen, as there are only two episodes left in The Walking Dead Season Nine and many of these characters might not make it out alive. Many fans are preparing for the worst as an iconic and brutal comic book moment appears to be primed for its arrival on the AMC TV series.

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