The Walking Dead: Shocking Deleted Sex Scene Revealed

The Walking Dead recently shocked its viewers with a sex scene involving two villains. Negan and Alpha stripped down in the woods, embraced each other in the nude, and got it on with their socks on after the scene cut away to a commercial break. The rest was left for viewers to fill in the blanks with their imaginations. Now, it has been revealed that the show almost had another rare sex scene which would have been shocking for its viewers, back in the show's eighth season. Lindsley Register, who portrayed the recently killed off Laura, shot a sequence where her character got it on with Josh McDermitt's Eugene.

Deleted scenes are common with The Walking Dead as the production moves fast for each episode and some moments get left out in the editing process. “I filmed other scenes of her interacting with Rosita and with Eugene that the audience will never get to see,” Register told Independent: “We all shoot stuff that never makes it to the screen.”

As it turns out, one of those scenes was quite intimate and could have changed a few things for Laura, Eugene, and Rosita. “There were scenes of me and Rosita starting to become friends where she and I like kill zombies together. I save her life at one point," she explained. "And we filmed a really fun scene where me and Eugene get it on.”

The episode was back in Season 8, when Eugene was still working as a mole within the Saviors but members of the audience were unsure of where he stood in terms of alliance with either Rick or Negan.

“One day I’m on set and our director is like, ‘I can’t tell you why but you’re gonna love the next episode’s script,’" Register said. "I get it and there’s this scene where Eugene’s in the Saviours’ compound and the walkers have got in. I think we’re gonna die so I come into his room and we have sex. I’m like, ‘Don’t think too highly of this – I’m only doing it because we’re gonna die.’ He’s all shaken. it was so funny." Knowing the characters, such a moment and specifically the dialogue is not hard to imagine!


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