'The Walking Dead': Did Simon Use To Be The Leader Over Negan?

A new theory spawning on Talking Dead claims Simon was once the leader of The Walking Dead's [...]

A new theory spawning on Talking Dead claims Simon was once the leader of The Walking Dead's Saviors group.

With Steven Ogg appearing on the Chris Hardwick-hosted after show following The Walking Dead's The Big Scary U episode, theories and speculation were abound as his leadership in the Sanctuary was questioned. Throughout Sunday's episode, Simon showed signs of desire to be in charge of the Sanctuary until Negan returned to claim his throne once more.

The moments prompted Talking Dead guest and Walking Dead super fan to bring up a theory to Ogg.

"I think that Simon was the leader and he did to Simon, he made Simon his second by destroying him in a way he was trying to destroy Rick," Edelstein said. "He kept saying, 'Are we sliding backwards?'"

The actual term used was "backsliding" in the scene between Negan and Simon, which appeared to mean giving information behind the Saviors' backs given the context of the conversation.

Edelstein's theory is fueled by information Negan revealed to Gabriel earlier in the same episode. In describing his pre-apocalyptic and pre-Sanctuary life, Negan told the Father that the Sanctuary was once controlled by savages and he enforced order upon them, making them who they are today. Edelstein believes Simon was the leader of this group and might be the reason Negan does not wish to bury Rick, but break him and train him instead.

While Ogg did not comment on the theory, saying he had not seen Sunday's episode, he seems to be teasing Simon being up to some behind-the-scenes actions which he couldn't be doing if he were in charge.

"I think Simon, its not about his leadership," Ogg said. "He prefers to be in the background. I think he could lead but there's a lot more you could do in the background."

If Simon were once the leader of the Sanctuary, the theories calling him a traitor would have a more firm ground to stand on. Perhaps Simon is eager to reclaim his leadership position and both Ogg and his character are downplaying the desire?

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