‘The Walking Dead’ Star Confirmed for Season 10

12-year-old Walking Dead star Cailey Fleming, who boarded the zombie drama last year in the fifth episode of its ninth season, has signed on for Season Ten, The Blast reports.

Fleming’s contract, acquired by The Blast, sees the Judith Grimes actress earn $250,000 for this coming season and five percent of net merchandising for anything involving her character, the adopted daughter of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira).

In addition to a potential $10,000 relocation fee if Fleming is required to move for an extended period of time during the season’s shoot, Fleming receives first class accommodations when traveling and an on-set tutor to maintain her education.

Judith emerged as a pivotal character in The Walking Dead following a six-year time jump that occurred in Lincoln’s final episode, “What Comes After,” which re-introduced an aged-up Judith as a capable survivor and walker slayer. The half-sister of late older brother Carl (Chandler Riggs), Judith is the older sister of RJ (Antony Azor), the first biological child shared by Michonne and the long-missing Rick.

Season Ten will be the last for longtime Michonne star Gurira, who will reportedly appear in just a handful of episodes interspersed throughout the season before exiting. Gurira is expected to resurface in the first-ever Walking Dead movie in the franchise, where she could reunite with Rick, who was rescued-slash-abducted by Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) and a mysterious group in possession of a helicopter.

Because details surrounding Michonne’s departure are being closely guarded, it is not yet known what will become of Judith and RJ. As the inheritors of the Grimes legacy, it’s expected the children stay behind in Alexandria while Michonne embarks on a likely dangerous mission to recover the disappeared Rick.

“I used to say Carl would grow up and have kids and that his kids would take over with all his grandkids, so obviously it can’t work like that,” veteran executive producer David Alpert said when teasing Judith’s important future. “But Judith, she’s a little ass-kicker. I think it’s possible we could see Judith grow up and take over the whole team.”

The Walking Dead Season Ten begins filming in May and is expected to debut on AMC this October.



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