The Walking Dead: The Alien Released Online

TWD Alien

A brand new The Walking Dead one-shot comic has been released online. Unlike previous one-shots, like the ones which followed Michonne's days prior to meeting Rick or The Governor's rise to power, The Alien follows a pair of brand new characters in a very far away land from Alexandria.

The new issue takes place in Barcelona, Spain, the home of its artist Marcos Martin, and follows two characters, Jeff and Claudia, written by Brian K. Vaughan. It's unclear whether or not the characters will tie into The Walking Dead comic but after reading it, you'll see that they most certainly can make an interesting entrance.

The digital issue, which allows you to name your own price for download, starting at $0.00 to any amount you wish to contribute, is available at Panel Syndicate.

“It’s such a crazy thing,” The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman said. “Even if someone was a friend with someone at Marvel, you could never do that with The Avengers.”

The royalties and contributions earned by The Walking Dead: The Alien will all go to Vaughan and Martin but the characters are owned by Kirkman. Should he ever want to, he can put Jeff and/or Claudia into any Walking Dead pages he wishes.