The Walking Dead: Why Negan's Kill Had To Be Eugene

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Every single person on the internet seems to have a thoroughly fleshed out theory on who died in the closing moments of The Walking Dead's season six finale.

From Glenn, to Abraham, to Daryl, to Rosita - there's "hard evidence" to support every single theory. From now on, we're going to flesh out each one of those theories each day and let you decide which is most concrete.

Today, we'll continue with Eugene Porter.

The most concrete reasoning behind Eugene being Negan's first victim lies in the amount of time and steps he took before concluding his game of eenie-meenie-minie-moe. Looking at the line up head on, Eugene was on the far right. As Negan ended his game with the last two lines, "and you are," and "it," he took several seconds and even more steps. This would indicate that Negan walked from one end of the line up to the other. To further the theory, he villain started out walking to the left of the lineup, towards Glenn's end. This theory would indicate Glenn was "and you are," and Eugene was, "it."

Eugene's character arc seemed to have been told to its entirety in the finale. He had sacked up. He had prepare himself to defend himself and was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the folks of Alexandria.

Sure, one could argue that he has to be around to manufacture the bullets for the war ahead, but he handed over the bullet recipe before rolling solo in the RV. His death would be upsetting, to some more than others, and something Alexandria would rally behind.

By these standards, Eugene has to be Negan's victim.


The Walking Dead returns in October for its seventh season. Expect a trailer with more clues to spawn from San Diego Comic Con in July.