The Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz Compares Trump To Negan

Negan Trump

Abraham Ford says what he wants which seems to be rubbing off on the actor playing him, Michael Cudlitz.

In a year where leaders seem to completely unpredictable on both The Walking Dead and the Presidential election, two things which are scary when they're able to be compared so easily, Cudlitz says there are heavy similarities between the leading candidates in the 2016 race and those in charge on The Walking Dead.

According to Cudlitz, Trump is the real world's Negan and Hillary Clinton is the equivalent to Rick Grimes.

“I think Trump would be more like Negan and [Hillary] Clinton would be more like Rick, kind of go with the political when you can but not afraid to kill everybody if they had to," Cudlitz says.

”But Negan’s a little bit of a loose cannon, and Trump is a little bit of a loose cannon,” he continued. “And that’s not me being political. That’s by his own description, so yeah, I think we actually have our Negan and our Rick. And neither one is perfect.”

He's not wrong. Neither Rick nor Negan are angels and the media/voters are having no problem finding flaws in both Trump and Clinton. Let's just hope neither of them start carrying around a baseball bat or try to take half our s---.


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(via Huffington Post)