New 'The Walking Dead' Cover Introduces the New World Order

Today at New York Comic Con, Robert Kirkman revealed the cover art for The Walking Dead's upcoming issue #175 milestone, and that cover art revealed a brand new threat that Rick Grimes and company will have to face.

So what is "The New World Order?" Check out the cover art below, as we discuss what this new threat could be.

A press release from Image Comics comes with the ominous synopsis about what this "New World Order" story arc will entail:

"This jaw-dropping new story arc of the bestselling THE WALKING DEAD will feature all new friends, all new enemies, all new threats, and will appropriately be called, New World Order."

Walking Dead 175 New World Order

Our best speculation at the moment is that this "New World Order" will be based in Ohio, which is where Michonne and her party (Siddiq, Eugene, Yumiko, and Magna) are headed. That group just met Juanita "Princess" Sanchez in the desolate Pittsburgh area; no telling if Sanchez will be in any way connected to this new threat, if NWO is indeed based in Ohio.

From the look of things, this NWO group is highly organized, militarized, and better equipped than what we're used to seeing in the post-apocalyptic setting. In short: it looks like this could be a group that is intent on actually bringing a new order to the chaotic dystopia, and may just have the might to do it.

What that will mean for Rick and company is anyone's guess, but it probably won't be good. There's also the big question of who is leading this new organization. Is there about to be another brutal warlord taking center stage?


The Walking Dead #175 hits stands on January 3rd, 2018.

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