'The Walking Dead's Ryan Hurst Shares First Messy Behind-The-Scenes Photos

It may be a while before fans get to see Beta and the other Whisperers arrive on The Walking Dead, [...]

It may be a while before fans get to see Beta and the other Whisperers arrive on The Walking Dead, but the actor playing the notorious villain seems to already be getting into character.

Now, when I say "getting into character," I mean that as literally as I possibly can. Judging by a couple of new behind-the-scenes photos shared by actor Ryan Hurst, it looks as though he's actually getting molded into his new role.

News broke on Monday that Hurst had been cast as the terrifying Beta in The Walking Dead's upcoming ninth season, and the actor quickly took to social media to share his excitement with his followers and future co-stars. One day later, Hurst was sharing what seem to be the first photos of his work with The Walking Dead.

"Found a cool new barber shop today," Hurst wrote in a tweet Tuesday night. Along with the message was an image of the actor sitting in a chair being covered in some sort of green molding. He shared a second photo of the process shortly after.

While he doesn't confirm that the photos were taken in regards to his Walking Dead role, anyone who read the comics knows that he will likely be getting a form-fitting mask made for his take on Beta. Not only do the Whisperers walk around within hordes of walkers, but they also wear suits and masks made of actual walker skin to hide their human scent and appearance.

Beta's mask is easily the most recognizable out of all the Whisperers. Like Batman's cowl, or various other super hero masks, Beta's only covers about half of his face, allowing his mouth to move freely. This mask is also fairly form-fitting, so it comes as no surprise that the makeup department would need create some copies of Hurst's head. Since it's unrealistic to have him sit around in a chair for days on end as they try to design the perfect mask, they can create a perfectly-sized mold to work with.

What do you think of Ryan Hurst's casting in The Walking Dead Season 9? Will he make a good Beta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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