The Walking Dead: The Last Words of Negan's Kills

In an incredibly violent premiere, The Walking Dead Season 7 ended six months of mystery, guessing, and gasping by revealing that Negan put an end to Glenn and Abraham.

The vicious game of eeny-meeny-miney-moe ended up with Abraham Ford being, "it." Abe perched himself up proudly just as Negan delivered the first blow to his head with Lucille. Before dying, Abe managed to squeeze in one last Abe-ism and insult Negan: "Suck.... my... nuts," he sputtered.

It prompted the "Taking it like a champ!" line first delivered in the Season 6 finale. From here, Negan turns Abraham's head to mush on the ground.

It could have been over and done with there but Daryl Dixon was not interested in wathcing Rosita be subjected to her ex-boyfriend's blood on a bat. The already-injured Daryl makes a move on Negan but is quickly handled by Dwight and others.

The first outburst from the group was free. This one wasn't.

Negan marched over to Daryl and raised Lucille over his head but instead of cracking Daryl's skull, he unleashed his swings on Glenn's skull.

The moments from Robert Kirkman's comics were realized as Glenn called out for his wife Maggie in his final moments with his quote of: "Maggie, I'll find you," and Negan mocked his eye popping out of his skull before finishing him off.

Daryl Dixon actor, Norman Reedus, wasn't too thrilled about the losses.

"It's hard, always, to say goodbye to people on the show," Reedus said. "Some characters it's harder to say goodbye to than others. Both of those characters are so important to the show and they're very well respected with the other actors and they're all good friends of ours. It's always hard but, when it's certain characters, it's really hard."

In a twisted, possibly darkest episode of The Walking Dead, Negan brought his bat down on not one but two members of Rick's group.


The Walking Dead airs Sunday night's @9/8c on AMC.