'Riverdale' Casts Betty's Mysterious Brother Ahead of Season 2

Riverdale is about to make its return to The CW next week, and fans have just been given the first clue towards one of the new season's biggest mysteries. Betty's mysterious brother now has a face.

According to TVLine, Riverdale has cast actor/musician Hart Denton to play Chic, the long-lost brother of Betty that she never knew she had.

It was revealed in the first season that Betty's mom had a son when she was in high school, but that she gave the baby up for adoption. What wasn't revealed however, was who the father of the baby was. Many fans are thinking that FP Jones, father of Betty's boyfriend Jughead, could potentially be the baby-daddy.

Either way, when you look at Denton, it's easy to see the Cooper family resemblance. Just as Veronica predicted, Betty's brother has a full head of Cooper-blonde hair.

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Denton hasn't appeared on TV much, so you might not recognize him. His only television credit came from an episode of Lethal Weapon last year.

Chic is set to be a recurring character who won't debut until midway through the season.

Riverdale will premiere on Wednesday, October 11th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.