'Supernatural' Star Misha Collins Gets in Car Accident Due to Snow

Seattle was hit with a nasty winter storm dumping quite a bit of snow on the city this weekend, enough for the governor to call a state of emergency and for Supernatural star Misha Collins, that snow created its own real-life emergency.

Misha Collins, who plays the angel Castiel on the long-running The CW series, shared on Twitter Saturday that he wasn't able to be at the Supernatural convention being held in Seattle this weekend due to a car accident caused by treacherous, snow-covered roads.

As you can see in his post, Collins survived the accident unharmed, noting that he was only going 5 miles-per-hour at the time and, even then, wasn't able to make it safely. However, despite not being able to make it to the convention Collins still wanted to do something nice for those fans who had braved the weather to make it to the event. What that "something warm" Collins sent to the vendors room was revealed by a fan in a reply to his tweet. The actor sent pizza for convention guests to enjoy.

Collins likely wasn't the only person who was unable to get to the convention, both in terms of guests and fans. The Seattle area received almost an entire year's worth of snow in one day and the conditions were so bad that Creation Entertainment ultimately suspended the convention's scheduled panels on Saturday and shared on social media that they would keep fans apprised of Sunday's program status as even more snowfall is expected on Sunday.

While fans were disappointed about the turn of events, Collins' kind gesture of pizza showed a genuine appreciation for Supernatural's fans. The show has a deeply devoted fan base that has truly helped keep the show on the air for its current 14 seasons and it was recently announced that the show has even been renewed for a 15th. And it's not just Collins who appreciates it. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who recently returned as John Winchester for the 300th episode, also recently praised the fans.


"I think what makes Supernatural so special is the fandom," Morgan said. "And when you have that kind of relationship and honesty with your fans, and you give a piece of yourself to these people, it makes something very special. I mean, to do 300 episodes, it means that you have people that love you."

Supernatural airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.