The Boondocks Producers Address Season 5 Rumors

The Boondocks Season 5 Carl Jones Brian Ash

Recently the interwebs were set ablaze, when it was revealed that Aaron McGruder's acclaimed animated series The Boondocks season 5 was in production. That bombshell got dropped by series star John Witherspoon, who nonchalantly mentioned his return to voice the character of Grandpa in the new season.

Well, since Witherspoon first spilled the tea about Boondocks season 5 there's been more questions than forthcoming answers. To learn a bit more about what's going on with The Boondocks season 5, sat down with two of the show's producers, Carl Jones and Brian Ash, to talk about their new upcoming animated series Sugar & Toys - as well as their potential return to their most successful series yet.

Unfortunately, Jones and Ash weren't willing to speak directly about what's going on with The Boondocks season 5, choosing a more playful approach to playing coy about the matter:

Carl Jones: "Yeah. I think John Witherspoon is actually doing it all by himself. He's playing Hughey, Riley, Uncle Ruckus, Grandad, and a Pimp Named Slickback. That's a fact.

Brian Ash: "They're calling it The Spoondocks, right?"

Carl: "They're calling it The Spoondocks. We can't comment on that. No we can't, sorry... I can confirm that the Internet really wants there to be more Boondocks."

That's not even close to being a confirmation, but at the same time, whenever major creative figures refuse to speak about an upcoming project, that non-comment is arguably a comment in and of itself. That's all to say: if Jones and Ash aren't commenting, it's a fair bet to assume it's because they are sworn to secrecy about being involved with the Boondocks season 5. The bigger question fans want to know: is series creator Aaron McGruder involved? The Boondocks season 4 lives in infamy for being produced without any involvement from McGruder - and the fandom certainly didn't react well to it.

It seems prophetic that The Boondocks should be returning at this time. The show began by taking on the Bush-era it premiered in, but was equally unafraid of taking on the Obama era and all of its progressive notions - including the idea of a "post-racial" America. It begs the imagination to wonder what The Boondocks would do with season 5 set in Trump world.

In fact, while speaking to Jones and Ash we had one big "hypothetical" to ask the The Boondocks producers: Would Riley Freeman be down with Donald Trump? According to Carl Jones:

"Yeah, Riley, I definitely think Riley would be down with Trump because he would respect his gangsta; but at the same time, he wouldn't f*ck with him just because it might bring down his Instagram likes. Same reason we don't f*ck with Donald Trump."


Are you excited for The Boondocks to return for season 5? What recent events or headlines would you like to see the show skewer?

Carl Jones and Brian Ash's new animated variety show Sugar & Toys premieres on Fuse starting Sunday, June 9th. We'll keep you updated on the status of The Boondocks season 5.