Agents of SHIELD: Patton Oswalt Reveals Which Moment He Improvised in the Latest Episode

The final season of Agents of SHIELD is two episodes in, and both have featured Patton Oswalt as [...]

The final season of Agents of SHIELD is two episodes in, and both have featured Patton Oswalt as another Keonig living in 1931. This marks the actor's first time on the series since season four, and he's provided some welcomed humor, as always. At the end of the latest episode, "Know Your Onions," the team was unable to stop the Zephry from transporting to their next destination in time, leaving Enoch in the past. Luckily, things didn't end too terribly for the Chronicom. Enoch reunited with Koenig and seemingly paved the way for his grandchildren to become to the badass SHIELD agents we grew to love in earlier seasons. (However, this is something else to add to the list of questions related to Marvel's time travel rules.) In a recent tweet, Oswalt revealed that he improvised his last line in the end tag between him and Enoch.

At the end of episode, Koenig says to Enoch, "Enoch, this looks like the start of a marvelous friendship." This, of course, is a play on the final line of Casablanca, which is, "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Here's what Oswalt had to say on Twitter: "I riffed this on one take of last night's @AgentsofSHIELD and I'm so happy they used it to close the episode. Man I'm gonna miss that show." You can check out the clip shared by Oswalt below:

This wasn't Oswalt's only tweet about "Know Your Onions." He also responded to the suggestion that they make some Marvel One-Shots about Koenig and Enoch's adventures in the 1930s. You know those would be hilarious, and Oswalt seemed very on board, saying, "Those... would be beyond fun." You can check out the tweet below:

Recently, Chloe Bennet teased that there will "definitely" be more surprise appearances in the final season, so we compiled a list of some of the major Agents of SHIELD players we'd like to see again. We already know Enver Gjokaj will be reprising his role as Daniel Sousa from Agent Carter, and we're hoping for more.

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST.