American Horror Story Season 10 Described as Different In Tone Than Previous Seasons

The highly-anticipated tenth season of American Horror Story still doesn't have a release date, or even a publicly-known title, but it is still in the works at FX. The new season was supposed to be released last year, but the pandemic caused the production to suffer several delays, so a 2021 debut became the new goal. While there is still very little knowledge about this installment's theme or story, despite the ongoing production, one of its stars has admitted that it is much different than previous seasons.

Recurring American Horror Story star Finn Wittrock recently spoke to EW about the new season of Ryan Murphy's popular anthology, saying that it will be a pretty big departure from what we've seen in recent years.

"I think this is OK to say, I think the suspense in this and the tight, constrained nature of the story is different than other seasons," Wittrock said. "I was really interested in trying to mount the pressure in the right way, if that makes sense."

"It is different in tone than a lot of the other seasons," he added.

Wittrock went on to add that his character in Season 10 is "the most 'normal' person that I've played on this show. That's not saying much." Wittrock has had a penchant for playing some of the wildest characters on American Horror Story, including Freak Show's ultimate villain, Dandy Mott.

The difference in tone and story from one season to the next is something that fans have come to love about American Horror Story. Every installment is a little bit different than the one before it, allowing for all sorts of tales to be told.

"What's fun about this show is that no two things are ever the same," said Wittrock. "It's like, 'Do you wanna come in and do this single episode or do you wanna come in and be the lead of this season?' 'Do you wanna come be a crazy psycho killer?' 'Do you wanna come in and be this relatively normal dad?' You just never know what you're gonna get."


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