Bob's Burgers Stars Suggest Best Episodes to Watch Before the Movie

Following in the footsteps of The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers is making its way to the big screen. The feature film version of the hit Fox animated series is arriving this weekend in the form of The Bob's Burgers Movie. While fans of the series will certainly want to go see the movie, there isn't a consistent narrative on the show that would force prospective audience members to binge every season in order for the movie to make sense. It's basically a supersized episode playing in theaters. That said, it might be nice to revisit some of the show's best episodes this week before you head out to see The Bob's Burgers Movie.

There are constant debates about which Bob's Burgers episodes are best, but the stars of the series have some ideas of their own. Variety caught up with the Bob's Burgers cast ahead of the movie and asked which episodes they thought fans should watch before heading to theaters. H. Jon Benjami and John Roberts, who voice Bob and Linda, respectively, suggested a couple of the many holiday episodes, as they highlight the dynamics of the Belcher family.

"I would probably go to one of the Thanksgiving episodes as a primer for what the family is like and the dynamic between them," Benjamin said. "Any one of the holiday episodes is usually a good indicator of the spirit of the show. Something always goes wrong, and then they come together and sort of fix it, but not quite."

"I love all the holiday episodes, it's nice to think people are more open on a holiday like Thanksgiving, and everyone's sitting around the TV and relaxing," said Roberts. "So I think that's a good one to start with, 'Dawn of the Peck.'"

Dan Mintz, who plays Tina, suggested the Season 3 episode titled "Topsy," which brings most of the family together to accomplish a single goal, something that can be rare for the series. Eugene Mirman, the voice behind Gene, recommended "The Bleakening," but also said that the movie is actually a great introduction to the characters if you've never seen the show.

"I know there's probably an episode that'll showcase more of the family, but my favorite episode right now is the one where Louise can't poop in public," star Kristen Schaal said, referring to the episode "Poops!... I Didn't Do It Again." "At the lock-in at the aquarium, she wants to feed the sharks, but she knows she has to poop and she's scared to poop there. That is like my life. I don't think Steven [Davis] knew that when he wrote it. And then I read the script and I was like, 'Do you know that's very personal to me? I have a lot of problems pooping in public.'"

The Bob's Burgers Movie arrives in theaters on May 27th.