Cursed Star Katherine Langford Breaks Down Those Epic Fight Scenes

From the first trailer, it was easy to tell that Cursed would be a popular series for the likes of Netflix. The original project is a big-budget fantasy epic with a popular young cast, a series that Netflix likely hopes will rival that of The Witcher. Part of the appeal to Cursed, aside from its roots in Arthurian lore, is its bloody battle sequences. Every great fantasy show or movie has its stunts and sword fights, and Cursed is no exception.

This new series is filled with solid fantasy action, which is a lot of fun for us fans to watch, but fairly difficult for the cast and crew to piece together. From horseback riding to sword fights in a river, there were a lot of challenging stunts throughout the first season of Cursed, but the cast and crew were up to the task. Series star Katherine Langford spoke to about the work that went into making those big scenes come to life.

"Firstly, I wanna acknowledge our incredible stunt team, [led by] Steve Dents," Langford told us. "I had four or five stunt doubles who would pair up with me. I had a sword fight stunt double, a stunt stunt double, a horse riding stunt double, and they were just incredible and did some really gnarly stuff that I, legally, and probably couldn't have done. But they were really incredible and when we were rehearsing for fight scenes, they were always there and it was just amazing to be able to see their work, I think, and to kind of try and emulate that, because they really set the bar so high. But you know, I was so excited to work with my body. I'm a former athlete and I was so excited for the opportunity to try and use that in a way that I haven't for my other roles. There was about four weeks where they had to turn me into this capable, fighting, horse riding girl, and then as soon as filming started, it sort of came at us as we went. So I think it was something that I've really enjoyed and something that I'd love to do more of, because I feel like it is such a specific skill set but, yeah, we had some very, very gnarly fight scenes.

"One, we shot on the hottest day the U.K. has ever had, and that will probably be one of the most memorable moments on set that I have, because we shot in 44 degree [Celsius] weather in leather and blankets, but it was really fun, and I really love throwing myself around and getting into that stuff."


The hard work certainly paid off, as Cursed is currently the most popular title on all of Netflix. You can watch the full interview with Katherine Langford in the video at the top of the page.

What do you think of Cursed so far? Have you been enjoying the new series? Let us know in the comments!

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