Daredevil's Vincent D'Onofrio Reuniting With Jeph Loeb on New Project

Once upon a time, Jeph Loeb oversaw his own corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one that [...]

Once upon a time, Jeph Loeb oversaw his own corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one that reached from Netflix's Daredevil to ABC's Agents of SHIELD and Freeform's Cloak & Dagger. Now, he's working on one of his next projects and he's bringing a Marvel fan-favorite along for the ride. Vincent D'Onofrio tells us he and Loeb are actively working on a new project that will soon be floated around to potential streaming and broadcast partners.

Though details remain scarce, the Daredevil star tells us it's an original idea from the mind of Loeb and not something based on existing intellectual property. In fact, it's so original, D'Onofrio says it's a role that doesn't come close to anything he's played before.

"Jeph and I have something coming together, and it's an original story," he tells us. "It's got nothing to do with what we did before. This has nothing to do with Marvel or superheroes or anything. But it's quite a unique character, and we're going to make it."

It's early enough that the Full Metal Jacket alum doesn't even know how the project will be packaged exactly, in terms of scope or format. Come Hell or high water, however, D'Onofrio insists it's getting made.

"We don't know how many seasons it's going to have, but w just got a company involved in it, and it looks like we're going to make it, knock on wood," D'Onofrio adds. "If everything works out, it will actually come out, and it's a great story. So Jeph is behind the original story of it, out of his mind and out of his brain."

We spoke with D'Onofrio in support of his first book, MUTHA: Stuff + Kinds. A synopsis for that collection of stories can be found below.

This is not a story woven around plot, characters, and contrivance. Rather, it is what acclaimed actor Vincent D'Onofrio's mind produces when on idle, when he is not thinking about servicing a story. His words are, in the purest sense, ideas that fall unexpectedly upon his head, "like an apple from a tree—dropping all at once," though less about gravity and Newton's apples, and more about levity. D'Onofrio's thoughts and images—presented here in all their uninhibited glory—are humorous, honest, abundant, raw, and unfiltered. And all exceedingly enjoyable.

MUTHA: Stuff + Things is due out May 18th wherever books are sold. D'Onofrio can be seen in all three seasons of Daredevil, now streaming on Netflix. You can pre-order MUTHA: Stuff + Things here.

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