Dave Season 2: Lil Dicky Series Return Date Revealed

FXX's most-watched comedy is returning. Right as summer is getting into the swing of things, Dave will return with its second batch of episodes and with it will bring a star-studded lineup. Featuring marketer-turned-rapper-turned-actor Lil Dicky in the titular role, the series will air its season premiere on June 16th.

Like all other FX and FXX shows, the episodes will first premiere on the network before being added to Hulu to next day under the FX on Hulu brand. Lil Dicky — real name Dave Burd — created the series alongside Jeff Schaffer (The League) and the two managed to get some big-time musicians on board to appear throughout the show's sophomore outing.

Kevin Hart — one of the producers on the show — will appear alongside Lil Nas X, Kendall Jenner, J Blacin, Rae Sremmurd, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Lil Yachty, Doja Cat, and Hailey Bieber amongst others. Though the first season included cameos by stars from Justin Bieber to YG, it had nowhere near the firepower it's hauling this time around.

"I think we can go in a number of directions," Burd previously told Entertainment Weekly. "Like, I'm not the guy who has it all mapped out like The Wire did. So I'm pretty open-minded. I think I'll be able to look at season 1 and be like, 'This episode worked so well — why? Okay, let's make 10 episodes that work this well. This episode didn't work — why?' I think this is our floor, it's only going to get better."

Why's it going to get better, you wonder? Burd says it's because the cast and crew have gotten into the groove of things and fired off on all cylinders the second time around.

"It's everyone's first time doing it, and it's a lot of the actors' first time acting. I just think people are going to take it to the next level next season," the actor added. "But again, my expectations are just going to be even higher next time, so it's got to be more and more epically great."


Dave Season 2 premieres on FXX beginning June 16th. You can stream the first season of the series on Hulu now.

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