FOX TV Exec Assures Fans Their Shows Won't Be "Disney-fied"

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More details about how Fox's TV division will change under the new Disney ownership came to light during the Winter 2018 TCA Press Tour, where we learned that there are no immediate plans to move FOX TV shows over to Disney-owned ABC.

However, in that same series of announcements (via EW), we also learned that, eventually, there will be some kind of transitional changes to the company, and a division of its content. That news inspires no doubt inspires the same fan anxieties as before, but Fox TV Group Chairman Gary Newman is now assuring their worries about the "Disney influence" are unfounded.

Newman outright told reporters at the TCA that Fox's TV content would not be softened by Disney; according to Newman, as Fox's content branding power was what led to the deal in the first place:

"They were incredibly vocal to us about how much they liked our brand, how much they admired the programming," Newman told reporters. "We have every expectation they are not acquiring Fox to somehow turn it into some form of a PG company, to 'Disney-fy' it. They will be encouraging of our content."

That statements seems believable, given the logic behind the sale. Disney has a major streaming service launching in 2019, and to become a true "Netflix-killer" that service will need to offer a wider variety of content than just "Disney-fied" material. Fox's edegier TV and Film offerings will be a perfect contrast to Disney's family-friendly programming, giving subscribers (especially parents) a one-stop shop for all their content consumption needs.


We'll keep you updated on the status of the Disney/Fox deal as the situation develops.