Doom Patrol: It's Playtime for Baby Doll and Dorothy in New "Finger Patrol" Photos (Exclusive)

DC Universe has given two exclusive new images from "Finger Patrol", the upcoming fifth episode of Doom Patrol's second season which will hit both DC Universe and HBO Max on Thursday, July 9th. As we've seen thus far this season, Dorothy (Abigail Shapiro) doesn't have a lot in the way of friends -- other than her "imaginary" ones -- but in "Finger Patrol" she finds one thanks to Jane's (Diane Guerrero) Baby Doll personality. The childlike Baby Doll seems like a perfect friend for young Dorothy, at least until playtime goes awry.

In the exclusive photos, we get a hint of just how awry things may end up going. The first features Baby Doll in what appears to be an underground or basement-like space while the second sees Dorothy inside a portion of a furnace. While she doesn't appear to be in peril in the images, the previously released preview for "Finger Patrol" suggests that things will heat up quickly for Dorothy, though fans will have to wait for the episode to find out exactly why.

doom patrol finger patrol baby jane dc universe exclusive
(Photo: DC Universe, Warner Bros.)
doom patrol finger patrol dorothy dc universe exclusive
(Photo: DC Universe, Warner Bros.)

While Dorothy certainly brings a bit of childlike wonder to Doom Manor in Season 2, the young girl fits right in with the rest of the Doom Patrol team in that she's struggling with her own trauma and challenges, especially the challenge of growing up. Dorothy has been a child for a very long time, but according to Shapiro, growing up is inevitable -- and it is part of the theme for the whole season, too.

"You're definitely seeing Dorothy grow up a little bit because the whole theme of this season is growing up," Shapiro told CBR. "Dorothy is actually scared to grow up in a way because, as she grows up, she becomes more powerful and she doesn't want to hurt anyone. So, you're gonna see her kind of struggle with that throughout the season, keeping her powers at bay and not wanting to grow up, but then realizing that growing up is inevitable and we all have to grow up at some point."

And as for Jane, Baby Doll's appearance goes along with what Doom Patrol has established in the first couple of episodes of the season, that the Underground is no longer certain that Jane should be the primary, dominant personality, and according to showrunner Jeremy Carver, as other personas surface, some very human mistakes will be made.


"First and foremost, for Jane, there is a ... as portrayed in the first couple of episodes, there's a real sense of doubt in the Underground about whether or not she should really be a primary anymore," Carver told "And what we will see in the latter half of the season, a real challenge to her position. And that will be compounded by what can only be said as some very human mistakes that Jane and the other personas make when they've surfaced."

New episodes of Doom Patrol land Thursdays on both DC Universe and HBO Max. "Finger Patrol" debuts Thursday, July 9th.