Doom Patrol Recap With Spoilers: The SeX Men Crash the Party in "Sex Patrol"

Last time on Doom Patrol, Dorothy accidentally broke Danny -- currently in brick form -- during a friendly game of hide and seek. With Danny's situation looking rather grave, the beloved being's fate seemed uncertain. Meanwhile, Cliff had a rather disastrous encounter with his daughter, Clara, and Rita, Larry, and Niles all had a pretty bad time dealing with Red Jack while Jane found herself no longer the primary personality when she's given an ultimatum in the Underground. It's a grim place to be, but the Dannyzens have a plan to fix at least one of those situations when they show up -- and may just set off a paranormal sex catastrophe. Read on to find out exactly how that happens in in our spoiler-filled recap of "Sex Patrol" below.

Warning: Spoilers for the fourth episode of Doom Patrol's second season, "Sex Patrol" below.

We open in London, 1978. Niles is visiting Dorothy who is still residing with Danny and the young girl doesn't want him to leave. It also is apparent that she's being kept in a room below the actual street and she's very lonely. Niles cautions her not to ever make a wish. When Niles leaves, Danny tries to remind him that the girl needs her father and that she can't stay forever.

In the present, Danny remains broken in two, though Niles is considering sending Dorothy back to Danny once he's fixed. Someone rings the doorbell and it's the Dannyzens. Flex Mentallo says that in his estimation, Danny is in very bad shape, but Mora Lee Karrupt realizes that the way to help Danny is to throw a party to power him up with joy, love, laughter, and music. Niles promises that Danny will be back to themself by bedtime.

In the underground, Jane is in a cell and speaks with Hammerhead while The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter is currently in charge. Up top, Cliff goes to talk with her and poses some tough questions -- such as how she'll survive in the real world -- that upset her. Elsewhere, party prep is in full force as Flex flexes things into place, though Rita is unable to hang the disco ball on command. Flex is also incredibly kind to Dorothy and uses his powers to have her hang the disco ball. Later, Dorothy tells Rita she lived in the doll factory under Danny and never got to participate in the parties. Rita gives her a little bit of a makeover. Niles disapproves.

When the quiet party doesn't fix Danny, Mora Lee decides it's time to spice things up, with Dorothy's help. She begins to sing "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka. It works. Danny sends a message of thanks to Dorothy for the song and the party kicks off in full. Unfortunately, it is bedtime. Elsewhere, Vic returns, and a new Jane personality shows up -- Scarlet Harlot -- and decides to join the party rather than leave. Rita convinces Larry to dance but gets distracted by Flex's powers. A guy hits on Larry, but he scares him off. In her room, the sinister voice -- Candlemaker -- tries to convince Dorothy to go back to the party.

Flex tells Rita the secret to the control of his powers is simply to clear his mind. Since the last time that Rita had a clear mind was when she had the orgasm Flex caused last season on Danny the Street, she asks him to do it again. He agrees and after a bit of negotiation, he flexes, and it does work... but Rita's release alerts a being all the way in Nepal who disappears into a shadowy blob. It goes badly for Rita, too. She saw something in her mind, so they go again to push past the block. Elsewhere, Niles makes an adjustment to Cliff, essentially giving him ecstasy. Dorothy sneaks a drink and Danny chastises her but agrees to give her ten more minutes.

Vic chats with Maura Lee about Roni. Maura tells Vic that human beings are cruel to each other, but it's rooted in self-hatred that they turn on people who are different. She also tells him that life is short, and he should go where he feels love. As Cliff dances, the shadow shows up and upstairs, Rita and Flex continue to work, and we flash back.

Burbank, 1931. Young Rita watches her mother get ready as a major movie executive is coming to visit. Rita is eager to get a part in a movie, but her mother sends her to bed, implying that Rita isn't pretty. She later sees her mother having sex with the movie executive, much to her devastation.

Cliff finds a dejected Larry, but outside, the SeX Men are evaluating the situation and it's apparently bad. Inside, another Jane alter takes over -- Dr. Harrison -- as the SeX Men show up. They start to try to track down the "hypersexual energy" that attracts a Sex Demon "Shadowy Mr. Evans". They eventually come upon sex ghosts. Dr. Harrison goes to the SeX Men's van and chats with Agent Cuddles. Apparently, if the Sex Demon absorbs enough energy, he gives birth to a baby that, when it cries, will turn the world essentially horny -- and will wipe out all of the children. Jane shifts again -- it's Hammerhead.

Candlemaker tries to convince Dorothy that Danny isn't her friend but her prison and so she asks Danny. Danny tells her the truth -- giving Candlemaker a foothold. Dorothy takes an ice pick while Candlemaker encourages her to kill Danny. She tells Danny she can't go back, and they admit they can't either.

In Rita's room things are bad. The Sex Demon is about to give birth and sure enough, the baby is born. Jane shows up and makes her way to the baby, shoving it back into the Sex Demon and banishing him. The party begins to disperse. A very high Cliff hugs Hammerhead Jane, which convinces Hammerhead to release Jane. She's primary again.


Niles talks with Danny and Danny refuses to hold Dorothy prisoner any longer. By the end of the episode, Danny has improved greatly and has become a tire for a new journey. They invite the Dannyzens to come along to spread a message of acceptance, to breathe life into the outsiders. They vanish as a group. After, everyone tries to process things. Rita and Dorothy talk with Rita repeating to Dorothy what her mother told her, to focus on her other talents. Dorothy decides she doesn't want to grow up and goes to make a wish, but Candlemaker rejects her, too.

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