Entourage Creator Reveals the One Person Who Can Help Make the Reboot Happen

Entourage creator Doug Ellin is letting it be known that the iconic HBO series could make a comeback - if one person decides to tip the scales. That person would be none other than actor Mark Wahlberg, whose life and Hollywood career served as the basis for Entourage's central character, Vincent Chase ((Adrian Grenier). When he was asked by if Entourage could be the next big reboot HBO does for HBO Max, Ellin had this to say: "Adrian Grenier said he's in, big news... I got all of them. So yeah I wouldn't do it without the five and Mark Wahlbergjust needs to call HBO and make it happen and all will be good. But..."

In his longer response to TMZ, Doug Ellin was a bit sarcastic about the fact that Entourage is basically the one show that hasn't gotten a reboot or revival - despite its breakout popularity in the 2000s:

"So weird... that one show that the New York Times said is the best show on television in 2004; and that President Obama said was his favorite show. But that one they don't care about. Weird right?"

It was then that Ellin plugged his "Hollywood Wayz" podcast, which is where he dropped the reveal that Adrian Grenier - and apparently the rest of the core cast of Entourage - are all standing by to do a reboot. It seems as though indeed all that's needed is for Mark Wahlberg to give the go-ahead and this could quickly become a reality.

Entourage featured Kevin Dillon as Vincent's washed-up actor brother, Johnny; Kevin Connolly as Vincent's best friend and manager Eric; and Jerry Ferrara as "Turtle," Vincent's other friend who serves as a driver, drug procurer, and other such odd jobs. Most notably was Jeremy Piven as Vincent's rabid-dog agent Ari Gold; Piven's spin on Hollywood power players like Ari Emanuel earned Piven three Emmys, a Golden Globe, and a slew of additional nominations. In short: Ellin is right in that without that core ensemble all back, there is no show to make.

Entourage Reboot Doug Ellin Mark Wahlberg Make Happen
(Photo: Warner Bros. / HBO )

However, even if Mark Wahlberg gives the go-ahead, Entourage's only challenge won't just be getting back into production. The Entourage movie was released in 2015, four years after the series ended, in order to test the franchise waters. The Entourage movie crashed and burned, making just $49 million worldwide. Part of the issue was that time and tastes had moved on (2015 was just on the cusp of major gender and societal reforms - especially in Hollywood). However, the larger problem was that Ellin and co. tried to make the Entourage movie an immediate continuation of the series, while filling it with anachronistic modern flare (new iPhones, etc.) that broke the series' central fantasy of what it's like being young, rich, and famous in Hollywood in the early 21st century.

Can Entourage be rebooted? The setting will definitely have to be more real-time modern since all the actors have aged; would Entourage still hold the same appeal watching Vincent Chase try to find a place as an aging star; or see Vinny and the boys trying to navigate post-Me Too Hollywood without getting canceled? It could be great satire (yet again), or yet another sign that this show really was a star of its day.