Eric Andre Announces Hannibal Buress Is Leaving As Co-Host Of Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show

Eric Andre announced that his co-star Hannibal Buress would be stepping away from The Eric Andre Show today. The Adult Swim star dropped the news on social media and some fans are sad to see the tandem break up. It's been a long time since the last episode of the show, as it took place basically four years ago. With the new season brewing, people were looking forward to more hijinks, but it seems as though audiences will only get one more evening with Buress. Still, a lot of Adult Swim fans didn't think that they would get any new episodes of Andre's increasingly surreal show on the network. So, you have to take the wins where you can. One would have to imagine that the crew has something strange planned for the co-host's sendoff and it will be wild to see unfold on Sunday night.

On Twitter, Andre said, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a heavy heart that i announce that the yin to my yang, the wickedly funny @hannibalburess ends his reign as co-host tomorrow night at midnight @adultswim. Love you HB. It's been an amazing decade with you."

The talk show host actually talked to CinemaBlend about his bizarre interview style. It's no secret that some celebrities don't take too kindly to the shenanigans and that ruffles some feathers. But, Andre isn't shying away from that tension. In the same breath, the comedian made sure to point out that he's never trying to upset anyone explicitly. Funny enough, his personal ethos when it comes to those bizarre moments comes from an interaction with Nathan Fielder.

"No, I'm never intentionally mean to anybody. I'm a benevolent terrorist. I'm never malicious. You're always trying to go up to the line and find the line, you know, but I'm trying my best," he began. "We're all just trying our best. One time I got into a fight with Nathan Fielder at a wedding and I came up to him and apologized and he goes, 'Listen man, we're all just trying our best.' (Laughs.) I thought that was like the perfect way to like put it."


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