The Venture Bros. Creators Open Up About the Show's Cancellation

Fans of Adult Swim were heartbroken earlier this year when it was announced that one of the most popular series on the Cartoon Network programming block wouldn't be returning with Venture Bros, and recently, the creators of the series in Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer sat dwon with the outlet of NPR to chat about the show's cancellation. Having run for seventeen years on Adult Swim, Venture Bros had definitely become a fan favorite and though the creators had more stories to tell, they were cut short unfortunately but do note that the series might come back at some point!

Venture Bros, for those who somehow might not know the premise of this wonderful series, follows the story of the titular siblings along with their father Rusty Venture and their bodyguard Brock Samson. In battling against the super villain known as the Monarch, the world of the animated series did a fantastic job of making fun of not only the world of Hanna Barbera and the tropes created by series like Johnny Quest, but also superhero worlds that were made popular by the likes of Marvel and DC Comics. Though there were only seven seasons created over the course of seventeen years, the dedication to both humor and continuity proved that Venture Bros will always be one of the classic series created by Adult Swim.

Jackson Publick himself had shared the interview via his Official Twitter Account, with the article not only diving into the creators' thoughts on the series cancellation, but the creation of the animated show over the years and how the series was put together without a writers' room:

Publick had this to say in relation to the ending of the animated series that had a devoted, passionate fan base over the years:

"I am proud that we made something almost entirely on our terms and it worked. I didn't know how much we would mean to a lot of people, and to know that that's from just spilling your guts and trying your hardest to make the thing as good by your standards as possible... means a lot."


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