Exclusive: Check Out iZombie's Rahul Kohli in The Rocketeer

iZombie standout Rahul Kohli, who played Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti on the beloved DC/Vertigo adaptation, is taking on a role in a very (very) different comics adaptation, with a new recurring role in Disney Junior's animated series The Rocketeer. Kohli will debut in this week's episode, "Hot on the Trail." In the episode, which will air tomorrow, Kit joins Tesh and his dad, with their Hughesville Trailblazer troop, on a hike to the famed Gemstone Firefall waterfall. Kohli willl provide the voice for Mr. Cheena, Tesh's dad and the leader of the Hughesville Trailblazer troop. The character is introduced in "Hot on the Trail" and will also recur in later episodes. You can see an exclusive clip from the episode above.

Kohli's performance on iZombie consistently drew praise from fans and critics. He remained a lead on the series for its entire five-season run, and can be seen in Netflix's upcoming The Haunting of Bly Manor, Mike Flanagan's follow-up to the wildly popular Haunting of Hill House anthology miniseries. In terms of voice work, comics fans likely recognize him for Harley Quinn, where he voiced The Scarecrow.

"I thoroughly enjoyed working on The Rocketeer," Kohli told ComicBook.com in a statement. "It was so much fun to play Mr. Cheena, and to be among such a wonderfully talented cast. He's a really upbeat guy with a pure heart, and kind of a goofball. I'd leave the recording sessions always feeling cheerier after playing him! The Rocketeer also gives me an opportunity to watch this fun show with the younger members of my family, which I haven't been able to do with my previous work. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this show."

(Photo: Disney Channel)

Inspired by Dave Stevens' comic book series and the fan-favorite 1991 Walt Disney Pictures feature film from filmmaker Joe Johnston (Captain America: The First Avenger), Disney Junior's The Rocketeer follows Kit, a young girl who discovers that she's next in line to become the Rocketeer, a legendary superhero who has the ability to fly with the help of a rocket pack. With the help of her best friend, Tesh, who serves as Ground Control, Kit takes to the skies to protect her small town of Hughesville and its residents from trouble.


The Rocketeer airs on Fridays at 11:00 a.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel. The episode will also be available in the DisneyNOW app, and will air on Disney Junior the following day.