Falcon and the Winter Soldier Reportedly Wraps Filming in Czech Republic

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has reportedly wrapped filming in the Czech Republic. Previous [...]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has reportedly wrapped filming in the Czech Republic. Previous reports indicated that Marvel was tying up some loose ends out there. Now, Fandime Filmu has posted their account of the production closing up shop. They said, "We are told that one part of the production was supposed to continue until Friday, but the production was so quick, they were able to wrap everything up on Thursday." Production has gone the extra mile to dress up their location as many other places like Latvia, Poland, and Switzerland. So, there's still a lot to be unpacked surrounding the upcoming Disney+ series. It seems like there are more small nods and leaks by the day. However, this is a big step for a production that had to clear multiple hurdles to even get this far with the coronavirus pandemic going on.

Mackie actually told Jimmy Fallon about his friendship with Sebastian Stan earlier this week. A ton of noise has been made about their "bromance" on social media. The two MCU stars have had to spend a ton of time together during the hiatus and filming the Disney+ series. Luckily for them, Mackie and Stan seem to be getting along swimmingly.

"When we were shooting Winter Soldier, he had this awful wig on, and literally in the middle of scenes they would have to cut because the wig would fall off or fall down," Mackie told Fallon. "So I would make fun of his wig, and he would make fun of my calves -- because that's my bone of contention, growing my calves. Once I realized I could give him junk, and he could give me junk, we were cool."

Some jokes about the shooting conditions also raised some eyebrows for the star when he talked to ET about his experience filming away from the country.

"Everybody's very afraid of each other. The food is bad because they have to pack it up somewhere else and bring it to us in Ziploc bags. Yeah, it's awful," Mackie explained. "You're literally living in quarantine. It's not like the NBA bubble where they had a barbershop and friends to hang out with… No, if you get within six feet of somebody, there's some little Czech dude coming and poking you with a stick saying, 'You have to move,'" Mackie said. "So it's rough."

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