Fear the Walking Dead: Listen to the Song That Plays at the End of "The Door"

Listen to the full song that plays at the end of Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8, "The Door." Spoilers for Sunday's midseason premiere. When John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) agrees to help Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and Dakota (Zoe Colletti) clear and get across a walker-filled bridge near the cabin where he's retreated alone, he continues his search for a door to keep away the flesh-eating walkers he calls "the passed." Feeling guilty over his failure to save the falsely accused Janis (Holly Curran) from being executed by Virginia (Colby Minifie) for a murder she did not commit, John plans to die by suicide once he finds a door to keep out the undead.

John instead finds the killer whose identity evaded him at the Lawton settlement where he investigated foul play around the death of Ranger Cameron (Noah Khyle). He discovers it was Dakota who killed Cameron for foiling her escape from Lawton and her sister, Virginia, who covered up the crime in "The Key."

"We can get past this. I can help you. Morgan said I need a reason to live, to keep going. Maybe that's you," John tells Dakota, staring down one of his own pearl-handled pistols. "That would have meaning. Right? So just put the gun down. You don't want to shoot me. You don't want to do that to yourself. You don't want to live with that. That's not what I want."

But it's too late. Her crime exposed, Dakota shoots John and tells him she's sorry, but "it doesn't always have to mean something." Dakota pushes John off the bridge and into the water below as "To Believe" by The Cinematic Orchestra begins to play. Listen to the full song in the player above.


"One of the aspects of this episode that's so important to understanding John is his relationship with his father. What we wanted that scene in the water to be about is, he looks at that picture of his father and he's remembering those words, 'it's not too late,'" co-showrunner Ian Goldberg says in episode commentary for "The Door." "He really, really wants to live. It is the opposite of the man who was sitting at the table loading the gun to kill himself in the beginning. Now he's fighting for every breath he's got."

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