Photo of Kit Harington Applying Makeup to Game of Thrones Co-Star Goes Viral

Throughout all eight seasons of Game of Thrones, fans have grown accustomed to seeing all sorts of horrors unfold on screen, with the series rarely making it look like Westeros was a place anyone would want to visit. There were plenty of humorous moments over the years, but as the series progressed, things got darker and more depressing for all of the main characters. With the series having come to an end, behind-the-scenes photos of the cast have begun to emerge which reminds fans that it was merely an arduous journey while filming and that the actual experience of making the show had plenty of levity, as seen in the photo below.

In the photos, Kit Harington can be seen applying makeup to co-star Maisie Williams, or at least pretending to apply makeup. The scene in question is one of the final scenes from the series, which Harington didn't appear in.

This isn't the only behind-the-scenes photo of the scene which has gained a lot of attention on social media, with a photo posted by star Sophie Turner gaining lots of attention on Instagram.

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The pack survived

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In the photo, Williams is wearing era-inappropriate sunglasses, Isaac Hempstead Wright is wearing shorts, and Turner is vaping, creating a scene we likely never would have seen in the series. These photos are much more entertaining examples of the show going viral, as it's been the target of far more negative comments in recent weeks.

The first two episodes of this final season were tolerated by fans, though the third episode and its depiction of the Battle of Winterfell caused count complaints about the cinematography. The battle took place at night and aimed to replicate natural lighting conditions, resulting in complaints that the episode was too dark.

The next episode accidentally included a brief shot where audiences could see an erroneous contemporary coffee cup, sparking mockery and memes calling attention to the artifact and ignoring a majority of what happened in the episode. The final two episodes of the series, as you could imagine, inspired endless amounts of discussion, including the creation of a petition demanding that the final season get a full-blown remake.


Fans can check out all eight seasons of Game of Thrones on HBO.

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