'Game of Thrones' Recap with Spoilers: The Bells

Having lost her two closest friends this season, Daenerys Targaryen finally snaps and takes out her infamous Targaryen anger out on King's Landing and some of her closest allies. At this point, more and more of Dany's advisors seem to realize that she might not be the best queen for Westeros, as she is seemingly on the cusp of madness. Varys attempts to convince Jon Snow that he should be the King of the Seven Kingdoms, but Jon refuses and Varys is quickly turned in by Tyrion.

While Dany seems to think that all this betrayal stems from Jon, she instead executes Varys (by dragonfire) for his treason. Afterwards, Tyrion tries to convince Dany not to burn down King's Landing, but he doesn't get a clear response when he tells her that King's Landing will surrender if they ring the bells. As Tyrion leaves, Dany informs him that they caught Jaime attempting to get back to King's Landing. Tyrion uses his influence and remaining favors to get Jaime free, although he does it to attempt to get Cersei to flee. Tyrion and Jaime share a touching goodbye, knowing that it's likely the last time they'll see each other.

Arya, the Hound, and Jaime Lannister all make their way into the Red Keep, as the Golden Company and the Iron Fleet positions themselves around the city. Tyrion keeps telling everyone to call off the attack when they hear the bells ring, but no one (not even Jon Snow) wants to acknowledge him without Dany's approval. Meanwhile, Dany uses the camoflauge of the sun to wreck the Iron Fleet, because all she needed was a steeper attack angle to wreck the EURON'S NAVAL FLEET OF SNEAK ATTACKS AND EXTRA SAILS. Drogon then tears down the walls to King's Landing from the inside, which also wrecks King's Landing in the process. The Golden Company goes down without a fight and the Dothraki, the Unsullied, and Jon's Northern army just plow through King's Landing with little resistance.

Cersei holds out hope that someone will land a shot on Drogon, but Qyburn explains that Dany has taken out the Iron Fleet and all their Scorpions. While Cersei says that the Lannister army will fight to the last men, they all quickly surrender because no one is worth getting burned to death over. It looks like the fight will be a quick one, as bells ring across King's Landing to signal the city's surrender. However, Dany seems to snap as she hear the bells and instead sends Drogon to burn the Red Keep and tons of innocents in the process. Grey Worm joins in the cold-blooded murder and has a tense moment staring at Jon, as Jon attempts to keep his men from joining the slaughter. The fight quickly becomes a mass pillaging and Jon seems to realize that they might be the baddies in all of this.

Jaime tries to use the secret beach entrance to get into King's Landing, but he's confronted by Euron, who has gone full on anarchist. They fight and Jaime takes a knife to the kidney, but Euron takes a sword to the gut. Euron dies reveling that he killed Jaime Lannister, even though Jaime literally walked away from all of this. Meanwhile, Qyburn finally convinces Cersei to leave her quarters in the Red Keep, as wildfire stores start to explode all around the city.

As the Red Keep starts to burn, Sandor "the Hound" Clegane finally gets his showdown with his older brother Gregor, but not before waving Arya off from her quest for revenge. Arya thanks Sandor, and then the Cleganebowl finally happens after the Hound kills off the Queensguard and Gregor kills Qyburn. During the fight, the Hound knocks off his brother's helmet and finally reveals his bloated undead face. After Sandor proves to basically be impossible to kill, Sandor puts a knife in Gregor's eyes and then tackles him through a wall and into the flames below.

The Hound isn't the only person who made it into the Red Keep. Jaime stumbles into Cersei in the Westeros map room, and the two embrace as the keep collapses around them. Jon realizes that Dany doesn't care about her own men (as she's just burning everything) and pulls his army out of the city. Arya nearly gets trampled by a crowd fleeing all the carnage, but she's rescued by a random mother who popped up a few times throughout the episode. Arya tries to save the woman and her daughter, but they all get torched by Drogon's rampage.

Jaime tries to lead Cersei to safety, but their escape route through the crypt with the dragon skulls is blocked by rubble. Cersei says that she wants to keep her baby safe, but Jaime tells her that nothing else matters besides them, and they embrace as the Red Keep is totally destroyed.

The episode ends with Arya coming across the charred corpse of the family who tried to save her life and then riding out on a horse that somehow survived the slaughter of the city.



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