'Game of Thrones' Photo Might Tease the Death of Major Character

Promotional material surrounding Game of Thrones' final season is beginning to come to light, and one teaser poster is making fans theorize.

CBR recently analyzed the crop of Game of Thrones teaser posters, which highlight the cast of remaining characters who are theoretically vying for the throne. As they pointed out, the way that Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is posed in his promotional poster looks familiar -- because it mirrors Ned Stark's (Sean Bean) posture on one of the show's earliest posters.

(Photo: HBO)

Of course, Ned and Jon have already been associated with each other in the Game of Thrones world, as Jon was initially thought to be Ned's bastard son. Even as the show has essentially confirmed that Jon is a Targaryen (as well as Ned's nephew), their two storylines have had some interesting parallels. And seeing as Ned famously met his fate midway through the show's first season, the notion that Jon is channeling him might make some nervous.

Granted, it's clear that the "no one's safe" sensibility is applying to everyone in the show's ensemble, so Jon arguably isn't more or less likely to die at this point than some of his fellow cast members. But either way, it sounds like the final batch of episodes will definitely take a toll on the viewers -- as well as its cast.

"The last season of Thrones seemed to be designed to break us," Harington revealed in a previous interview. "Everyone was broken at the end. I don't know if we were crying because we were sad it was ending or if we were crying because it was so fucking tiring. We were sleep deprived. It was like it was designed to make you think, Right, I'm fucking sick of this. I remember everyone walking around towards the end going, 'I've had enough now. I love this, it's been the best thing in my life, I'll miss it one day – but I'm done.'"


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The final season of Game of Thrones will begin on April 14th on HBO.