These Five Goosebumps Books Inspired the New TV Series

These five Goosebumps books inspired the new TV series coming to Disney+ and Hulu this October.

Do you remember the R.L. Stine books that gave you Goosebumps? Was it Slappy, the walking, stalking ventriloquist dummy in Night of the Living Dummy? The evil plant-man dwelling beneath the stairs in Stay Out of the Basement, or the chilling howl of The Werewolf of Fever Swamp? Whether it was the oozing, living green slime of the Monster Blood saga or the zombified denizens of Dark Falls in Welcome to Dead House that kept you awake at night, the beloved kids' horror series from Scholastic has scared generations of young readers — and now it's Disney+ and Hulu who are giving you Goosebumps

The rebooted Goosebumps TV series revealed its first trailer, and with it, the five fan-favorite Goosebumps books that inspired episodes of the 10-part series premiering Friday the 13th in October 2023. According to the official description, the new Goosebumps series follows a group of five high schoolers as they embark on a shadowy and twisted journey to investigate the tragic passing three decades earlier of a teen named Harold Biddle — while also unearthing dark secrets from their parents' past.

Say Cheese and Die! (1992)

(Photo: Scholastic)

Greg thinks there is something wrong with the old camera he found. The photos keep turning out... different. When Greg takes a picture of his father's brand-new car, it's wrecked in the photo. And then his dad crashes the car. It's like the camera can tell the future — or worse. Maybe it makes the future! Who is going to take the fall next for the evil camera?

Night of the Living Dummy (1993)

(Photo: Scholastic)

Lindy names the ventriloquist's dummy she finds Slappy. Slappy is kind of ugly, but he's a lot of fun. Lindy's having a great time learning to make Slappy move and talk. But Kris is jealous of all the attention her sister is getting. It's no fair. Why does Lindy have all the luck? Kris decides to get a dummy of her own. She'll show Lindy. Then weird things begin to happen. Nasty things. Evil things. No way a dummy can be causing all the trouble. Or is there?

The Haunted Mask (1993)

(Photo: Scholastic)

Carly Beth thinks she's found the best Halloween mask ever. With yellow-green skin and long animal fangs, the mask terrifies the entire neighborhood. Before long, it has a surprising effect on Carly Beth, too. She tries to take it off, but it won't budge! Halloween is almost over, but fright night is just beginning.

Go Eat Worms! (1994)

(Photo: Scholastic)

They're creepy and they're crawly — they're totally disgusting! Obsessed with worms? That's putting it mildly. Todd is so fascinated with worms, he keeps a worm farm in his basement! Most of all, Todd loves torturing his sister and her best friend with worms. Dropping them in their hair. Down their backs. Until one day, after cutting a worm in half, Todd notices something strange. The rest of the worms seem to be staring at him! Suddenly worms start showing up in the worst places for Todd. In his bed. In his homework. Even in his spaghetti!

The Cuckoo Clock of Doom (1995)

(Photo: Scholastic)

Tara the Terrible. That's what Michael Webster calls his bratty little sister. She loves getting Michael in trouble. Making his life miserable. Things couldn't get any worse. Then Mr. Webster brings home the antique cuckoo clock. It's old. It's expensive. And Mr. Webster won't let anyone touch it. Poor Michael. He should have listened to his dad. Because someone put a spell on the clock. A strange spell. A dangerous spell. And now Michael's life will never be the same again... 

Goosebumps stars Justin Long (Barbarian) and Rachael Harris (Lucifer), alongside newcomers Zack Morris (EastEnders), Isa Briones (Star Trek: Picard), Miles McKenna (Guilty Party), Ana Yi Puig (Gossip Girl) and Will Price (The Equalizer).

Goosebumps' five-episode premiere is Friday, October 13th on Disney+ and Hulu, with the remaining five episodes airing weekly. New and returning Disney+ customers can subscribe to Disney+ Basic (With Ads) for just $1.99 for three months until the promo expires September 20th.