Happy Tree Friends Returned 3 Months Ago And Nobody Noticed

When Mondo stopped publishing new episodes of the popular Happy Tree Friends series, fans were of course disappointed. Those fans will be happy to know that the series is back though, but many seemed to have missed the return.

Happy Tree Friends actually returned 3 months ago, but somehow the general public missed the memo. Creators Ken Navarro and Warren Graff released a new set of 5 episodes titled Happy Tree Friends: Still Alive that fans could buy as a package set back in December. The episodes were only available there at the time for $6.99, along with some other cool behind the scenes goodies.

Mondo eventually released the first episode from the set back in late January called "An Inconvenient Tooth", and despite the love for the series (as well as Toothy and Lumpy), a great deal of the general audience completely missed it. Here's the official description for the new episode from the creators.

"We are dedicating this episode to all the amazing Happy Tree Friends fans that already downloaded HTF Still Alive. Thanks for doing your part to keep the series alive. We couldn’t have done it without you! And to those that didn’t get in on the action yet, enjoy this taste of that incredible deal, and of course, you can always join the life-support system at anytime."

The creators participated in a Reddit AMA back in 2014, and the topic of "favorite death" came up. While Navarro couldn't list them all, there are a few standouts.

"There's too many to mention! My favorites are the ones that got us the biggest laughs when we were coming up with them. "Eye Candy" (I answered a question previously that will explain why) and "Out On A Limb" (even though Lumpy doesn't really die in that episode) come to mind. There's two great injuries in "A Class Act" that happened to Cuddles and Giggles that dubbed "Slinky Face" and "Pizza Face." We enjoyed that so much that we talked about an idea where Slinky Face and Pizza Face would go off and start their own detective show and solve crime together as partners!"

That Slinky Face Pizza Face spinoff is the thing you don't know you want until someone makes it a reality, and now it needs to happen.

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