Jeopardy! Celebrates Alex Trebek's 80th Birthday

Few game show hosts are as beloved or iconic as Alex Trebek, having hosted a number of game shows throughout his career, though he's most famous for his staggering run as the host of Jeopardy!, a position he's held for 35 years. While the show is currently on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, the program's official Twitter account honored Trebek's 80th birthday today with well-wishes and a special video of birthday tributes featuring appearances from famous former contestants. The host was so inundated with transmissions from fans that the account had to offer the disclaimer that he couldn't keep up with autographs and replies anymore, though thanked fans for their support.

"IT'S ALEX'S BIRTHDAY! Who wants cake?!" the account tweeted.

Their initial post was followed up with, "Alex thanks all of you from the bottom of his heart for all of the messages of support he's received. Due to the sheer volume, he will no longer be responding to letters or requests for autographs. Please know that he appreciates each and every sentiment conveyed!"

What makes fans appreciate the occasion even more is that Trebek announced in March of 2019 that he was battling Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. In the year since that announcement, Trebek has continued to serve as host of the program, inspiring audiences with his persistence in maintaining his regular duties despite the physical and emotional struggles he has been facing.

The host opened up about those struggles this past March when offering fans a one-year update on his status.

“Now I’d be lying if I said the journey had been an easy one,” Trebek shared in a video update. “There were some good days but a lot of not-so-good days. I joked with friends that the cancer won’t kill me, the chemo treatments will. There were moments of great pain, days when certain bodily functions no longer functioned and sudden, massive attacks of great depression that made me wonder if it really was worth fighting on. But I brushed that aside quickly because that would have been a massive betrayal - a betrayal of my wife and soulmate, Jean, who has given her all to help me survive. It would have been a betrayal of other cancer patients who have looked to me as an inspiration and a cheerleader of sorts, of the value of living and hope, of my faith in God and the millions of prayers that have been said on my behalf.”


Stay tuned for updates on details about Jeopardy!'s future.

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