Law & Order: SVU Teases Amanda Rollins' Departure

Tonight's episode of Law & Order: SVU featured several intriguing plot developments that could have a big impact on the show moving forward, including what seemed to be laying the groundwork for Kelli Giddish's departure. In the crossover premiere, Giddish's Amanda Rollins was shot as she was protecting a witness, and while she returned to duty during the second episode of the season, she is still dealing with what happened. Olivia then talked with Rollins and she started to open up about what happened and what she's been feeling since, and you can see the show starting to lay the groundwork for her exit, and that's even without taking the newest member of the team into account.

During her conversation with Benson, Rollins recalls the events of the shooting, saying "I heard shots and we ducked for cover. I told her to stay down. We were holding fine. Then the glass popped and she started and ran like a rabbit. I got up to cover and that's when I felt the hit. I couldn't breathe, and I didn't know where she was. It made me think about my girl. Losing them."

Benson says "And them losing you", and Rollins responds "And then a shooter comes up and has a gun in my face. Just thinking about Carisi, thinking I'm never going to see him again. I've been so careless with my life."

Benson says "Not anymore". Rollins then says "I let my guard down. I let myself be happy for once, and this is what happens?" Benson adds "Never had anything to lose before", and Rollins agrees, saying "Yeah".

It's easy to see how things are building towards Rollins putting her relationship with Carisi and their future together front and center, and things that endanger that could be moved out of the way, even if they are important to her. For Rollins, that means her role as a detective, and when you add in the newest recruit to the team, we could be seeing the foundation for Rollins' exit from the show already in place.

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